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Immigrant Stories

Meet the Vir Family

Darpan News Desk, 27 Jan, 2021
  • Meet the Vir Family

Rahul Vir Singh owns Sunaar Jewellers at Payal business centre

Ritu Vir works at Sunaar Jewellers

Rose Vir, Rehan Vir are aged 13 & 9



Why did you decide to migrate to Canada?

We had a very good life in India, we owned a jewellery business there as well. But we were not happy about the pollution, law & order, and government policies. So we moved to Canada for a brighter future for our children. We migrated to Canada after receiving our Permanent Residency in 2017.

Where did you stay when you reached Canada?

We stayed at a really close family friend’s house and then we bought our own place.

What were your first impressions of Canada?

The weather is good, the children’s studies is great, there are lots of opportunities and people are warm and friendly.

What challenges did you face when you and your family moved here?

It took about six months to adjust and adapt to life in Canada but then we were able to get into the routine of things and understand more about Canadian society.

It has been hard to get back on our own feet and get our jewellery business Sunaar going. Networking was difficult for establishing our business in a new environment.


How was your experience getting a job here?

Ritu: It was a little difficult initially but once we got the help that we needed financially and to network with the people it all worked out beautifully. My husband is the owner and looks after everything. I help him as his assistant at the store. Prior to being there at the store I was a stay-at-home mom.

How do you see your future in Canada?

We want our jewelry store to prosper and be number one. We want to expand our business within the Lower Mainland and also across Canada in cities like Toronto. We want our children to do great academically and be in high positions in life.

How has your overall journey in Canada been so far?

We absolutely love it. It has been four years and it feels like home. We made a fantastic decision by moving to Canada. We love that people are very sociable and likeable. It is great for the kids as well. We are lucky to be living here.

Biggest obstacle faced so far in Canada?

By God’s grace, apart from some initial struggles of getting our business going and adapting to the Canadian lifestyle, thankfully we had nothing major in terms of obstacles.

What resolutions were made for yourself or family?

We want to make sure we thrive in the coming years and work on ourselves. We want the same for our family members. We want to be happy and make sure others around us our happy as well.

Any advice for future immigrants?

Don’t shy away from problems no matter how big or small. You will only grow in Canada if you are sincere, hardworking and dedicated to what you do. So be kind, make connections, and keep at it.

Photos: Vir Family

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