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Immigrant Stories

Meet the Kumar Family

By Petrina D’Souza, 25 Sep, 2015

    Dinesh K works as a Software Analyst at Telus

    Ramya G works as an Immigration Consultant as Fast Immigration Inc.

    Seeking better work opportunities, Dinesh K and his wife Ramya G migrated to Canada from India in 2011. Their first impression of the country on reaching Vancouver, B.C., was a pleasant one, as they saw lots of greenery around and parks within every kilometre. Besides, they also found the cleanliness of the country as an attractive feature.

    On arrival, Dinesh and Ramya lived in a hotel, eventually moving to a rented house. It took the couple about six months to settle down and get accustomed to the surroundings and people around. “Once we moved here, our first challenge was understanding the local culture and adjusting to the weather,” recalls Dinesh.

    Once they overcame that obstacle, the next one was that of finding a job. Based on their experience, the couple feel that finding a job matching to your niche skill set is difficult in a city like Vancouver. “Knowing people and having references within an organization makes the job easy. Searching a job on your own will take time,” shares Dinesh, who worked as a Software Analyst in Bangalore, India, before moving here.

    The couple has had a pleasant stay in Vancouver since the day they moved here. Though they miss their family and friends back home, they enjoy living in Canada and love this city and its weather. “It’s a beautiful city and the people are very friendly,” says Ramya.

    Praising Canada further, they believe it to be the most admired country in the world. “A beautiful and enjoyable place, friendly and welcoming people, and appealing lifestyle and environment are some of the things that we love most about this country,” says the couple summing up.


    One of the obstacles we face here is the long waiting time for medical appointments. Also, owning a house in Vancouver is a dream, but it’s mostly out of reach for new immigrants.


    To live a healthy life, serve as a rolemodel, learn something daily, do good investments, help others, and stay connected with family, friends, people and the nature.


    You need to have an open mind and respect for local culture and people. It will take time to settle down once you move here; however, have patience while trying to make this place your home.


    Memories of the buzzing streets, vibrant festivals, iridescent clothing, and food, would almost obsessively invade our mind. Even though technology has allowed us to somewhat fulfill these above mentioned yearnings, it is never enough.

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