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Gift Ideas: Smart Gadgets For The Special Women In Your Life

Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 29 Mar, 2023
  • Gift Ideas: Smart Gadgets For The Special Women In Your Life

Step up your gifting game with our top gadget picks and show your appreciation and admiration for the special ladies in your life.

While flowers, candles, jewellery, and chocolates are always great gifting options, this year, why not go the extra mile and give them something that not only expresses your love and care towards them, but also makes their lives more convenient?

Confused? Well, we are hinting that you get a smart tech gift for the remarkable ladies in your life, after all they deserve the best! With the world becoming increasingly tech-savvy, buying a gadget for your fav woman is an ideal solution to your gifting conundrums. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mother, sister, friend, or significant other — we have you covered with our fabulous selection of tech gifts for women. So, get ready to show your appreciation and gratitude with these awesome gift ideas, and make  extra special for the precious signoras in your life.

Touchscreen Vanity Mirror

You may not have given much thought to gifting a mirror to anyone before but believe us, it could prove to be just the perfect gift for the beauty enthusiasts in your life. Thanks to technological advancement, you will be pleased to know there are some seriously impressive ranges of smart touchscreen vanity mirrors out in the market that does more than just show your reflection. These high-definition mirrors are known to offer a touchscreen dimmable LED display that provides perfect clarity and shows every detail of one's skin thus helping in achieving a flawless makeup look. The mirrored surface in most models is designed to capture every angle and light, delivering precision. What’s more, with their USB-powered portability, these touchscreen makeup mirrors are even ideal to carry while travelling. Investing in a smart touchscreen vanity mirror is the best choice if the receiver is a makeup or beauty lover.

LED Face Mask

There is nothing a woman enjoys better than getting pampered and feeling beautiful! Hence a light treatment face mask makes for a fabulous gift for gals. A beautiful add-on to her skincare routine, an LED face mask is an awesome and thoughtful gift for her. These face masks mimic professional-level tools and work by delivering various wavelengths of light deep into the layers of the skin. This action induces changes at the molecular level, leading to brighter, smoother, and plumper skin. Some LED face masks even come with a host of settings that allows the user to tailor the treatments based on their individual skin needs. Great, isn’t it? Additionally, these LED face masks are incredibly easy to use; all one needs to do is wear the mask, turn it on, and let the light work its magic. So, present your lovely lassie with this incredible gift and help her bring out her inner glow.

Chic-plaid shackets

Smart Indoor Garden

If you are looking for a unique way to show the plant lovers in your life some love, look no further than this latest indoor gardening tech — the Smart Indoor Garden. Whether they love technology or prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, a smart indoor garden is sure to be a hit! This innovative product cares for itself and allows a person to grow fresh herbs, lettuces, flowers and even vegetables like tomatoes and pepper right from the comfort of their homes. Most smart indoor gardens come with LED lights, self-watering functionality, and other modern features that assist in growing excellent quality veggies and herbs. Plus, it is super space-friendly and fits easily on a desk, kitchen counter, or any other small space. So, do not wait any longer! Present your femme with this perfect gift and let her experience the benefits of having her own garden.

High-Tech Jewellery 

Wish to make this year’s gift unforgettable? Then it has got to be a piece of wearable tech jewellery. Although wearable technology has been popular for some time, these gadgets were not always so chic and fashionable. But today, the market is full of sleek, fashion-forward, tech-infused jewellery, which is not only functional, but also apt for making some stunning style statements. From pendants that creatively double up as health trackers that can help track her steps, calories burned, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycle to high-tech rings and bracelets, which come with lights and vibration notifications, so she will never miss a call, text, or other important messages. That’s not all, some smart jewellery pieces come with extremely intelligent and special high-tech upgrades like pregnancy-tracking pendants, cryptocurrency rings, and even earrings that play complete videos. The possibilities are endless. By gifting her a piece of wearable high-tech jewellery, you not only give her a fashionable accessory that looks great but also has a lot of practical benefits. No matter what type of wearable tech you choose, it’s sure to be a hit!

Light & Massage Therapy Hairbrush

This year, take the opportunity to show your signora just how much you care with the perfect gift — a Light and Massage Therapy Hairbrush. This revolutionary new tool is a marvellous way to give any woman the pampering she deserves. With its unique combination of LED light and massaging bristles, the light and massage therapy hairbrush will give her the ultimate scalp and hair care. The LED light technology is designed to penetrate deep into the scalp, boost cell energy, and increase blood circulation to hair follicles. The best part of the brush is its built-in massage therapy, which helps reduce stress and tension in the scalp. Combined, these two technologies can help to reduce hair loss, improve circulation, give her better scalp health, and promote strong and healthy hair growth. This thoughtful gift is sure to delight the lovely woman in your life.

Wearable UV Sensor

Talk of thoughtful presents, and there is one more gift idea on our list that will show your lovely lady how much you care about her wellbeing. With the rising UV exposure, a wearable UV sensor makes a great gift for any woman. These nifty ultra-tiny devices are designed to alert the wearer when they have been exposed to too much sun. They monitor the UV index in real time and send alerts when it is time to seek shade or lather up with sunscreen. They also keep track of how much sun exposure one has had throughout the day, which can help one adjust their schedule and activities accordingly. Lightweight and unobtrusive, these incredible UV monitors come in a wide range of designs and can either be attached to clothes, worn as bands, or even stuck to the skin. These sensors are perfect for the active, modern woman. Whether they are out for a morning jog or a weekend getaway, these sensors will keep track of their UV exposure levels. Not only are these sensors practical, but they are also stylish. The receiver of this present is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and the effort made to help them stay safe in the sun.

Smartphone Sanitiser 

If you are looking for a gift for a hygiene freak, then nothing can beat a smartphone sanitiser! She will love the convenience of being able to sanitise her phone with a simple wave of her hand. A smartphone sanitiser is a small device that uses ultraviolet light to clean and disinfect phones. Simply place the phone inside, close the lid and in a few minutes, the phone will be clean and sanitized. No need to worry about harsh chemicals, just ultraviolet light to get rid of all the gunk and germs. Some of these devices also come with in-built acoustic amplifiers, so she can even enjoy some music while her phone is getting cleaned. Smartphone sanitisers are perfect for the modern-day woman. Whether she’s a busy mom, a working professional, or a student, she’ll appreciate a portable device that can keep her phone clean and germ-free. Not to mention, it is a terrific way to keep her safe from germs and bacteria.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

A good brush set, undeniably, is the most valuable addition to every woman’s vanity as it helps her ensure a flawless look. Hence an electric makeup brush cleaner is an ideal gift for any makeup enthusiast. This handy device is the perfect way to show your favourite femme how much you care. Not only will it make her day-to-day makeup routine easier, but it will also help keep her skin look and feel healthy. Moreover, it is an excellent way to show her that you think of even her smallest needs.

Smart Reusable Notebook

This innovative notebook is perfect for busy women who are always on the go and are also eco-conscious. Available in an array of sleek modern designs and colours, these smart notebooks offer a reusable, erasable solution for women who enjoy the experience of putting pen to paper but at the same time want to reduce their carbon footprints. Plus, the notebook is compatible with most digital devices, so she can access her information anytime, anywhere. She can sync her notes to her phone and laptop and even share them with friends and family. This makes it an excellent choice for ladies who are always on the go and want to stay connected. So, surprise the bright woman in your life with this stylish and eco-friendly, reusable notebook that will help her stay organised and productive.

Sound Wave Facial Wand

This year, why not surprise them with a revolutionary beauty tool that will help them look and feel their best? The Soundwave Facial Wand is an innovative device, which is loaded with tons of benefits for one’s skin. The unique tool uses sound wave technology to not just massage and rejuvenate the face, but also target wrinkles on a deeper level to give a firmer, more sculpted, youthful appearance. Not only is it easy to use and highly effective, but it also makes a fantastic gift for any woman looking to improve her skincare routine.


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