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Immigrant Stories

Meet The Gupta Family

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 31 Mar, 2023

    Dr. Gunjan Gupta is a full time Realtor at Keller Williams Ocean Realty. Her husband, Dr. Navneet Gupta owns & operates Per-Owned Car Dealerships & Autobody Repair Shop

    Why did you decide to immigrate to Canada?

    As an Indian citizen, I came to Canada in search of better opportunities and citizenship. I was previously living in Tanzania, Africa and was trained as an anesthetist and a pilot. Canada has a strong economy and a welcoming environment for immigrants, making it an attractive destination for those looking to start or grow their business. Additionally, the Canadian citizenship process is known for being fair and efficient, making it an ideal place for me to establish my long-term home. 

    Which year did you immigrate?

    We came to Canada from Tanzania, Africa in 2018.

    Where did you stay when you reached Canada? Hotel, relative or friends place?

    We rented a house from a friend from Africa when we first moved to Canada. 

    What difficulties/challenges did you face when you and your family moved here?

    The first two years in Canada were quite challenging. The cost of living is quite high and we had to make significant financial investment to enroll our kids in a private school. Additionally, we were starting our businesses from scratch, which required a lot of hard work and dedication. It was a hectic period, and we had to juggle multiple responsibilities. However, as time passed, we gradually got accustomed to the new environment and started to feel at home. Now we’ve managed to establish our businesses and our kids feel comfortable in their new schools. 

    How was your experience getting a job here? Was it easy or troublesome?

    I had no Canadian experience, so securing a job in Canada was quite hard initially. It took a lot of perseverance and determination, but I am glad that I was able to find a job that I am passionate about. 

    How has your journey in Canada been so far?

    My journey, so far, has been quite a rollercoaster ride. When I first arrived, I found it very challenging. The transition was difficult and I struggled to adjust to the new way of life. However, with time, I started feeling more settled. Now, after a few years of living here, I can honestly say that Canada feels like home. I have grown to love this country and all that it has to offer. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and the memories I have made here.


    Biggest problem

    Moving to Canada has been a challenging experience and involved overcoming several hurdles. Getting a PR and navigating my way around the medical system have been the biggest challenges for me. Finding a family doctor and booking appointments was extremely frustrating experience. Also, it was hard to find the right job because I didn’t have Canadian work experience.

    Advice for immigrants

    First, do your due diligence before making any big decisions. Second, seek multiple sources of income so you can be financially stable. Third, save, save, save! 

    Finally, don’t hesitate to buy your first house in Canada. It’s a great investment and will give you a sense of belonging. It’s also a great way to build equity.


    I often find myself missing my homeland. I consider both India and Africa my home, since I have lived in both the places. I miss a sense of community and culture that both the places offered, and it often makes me nostalgic. Nevertheless, while I’ll always chesish these memories, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience different cultures and ways of life.


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