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Immigrant Stories

Meet the Rai Family

By Petrina D'Souza, 21 Jul, 2015
    Mayank Rai is an Engineering Professional
    Pushpanjali Rai is a homemaker
    Yashaswini is 20 months old
    Getting Here:
    With the aim of exploring better career opportunities and providing an excellent environment for their daughter, Yashaswini, Mayank and Pushpanjali Rai migrated to 
    Canada from India in 2014.
    As soon as they arrived in Calgary, Alberta, they lived in a hotel for a few days. Having lived in Calgary, one of the coldest cities in Canada, for almost nine months now, the couple state their first impressions of Canada to be that of a developed country with a cold climate.
    However, though it was a cold city and a new place with people belonging from different communities, Mayank points out that neither his family nor he faced any major problems settling down in Canada. “As there were excellent settlement services for new arrivals, we did not face any difficulties when we moved here,” he explains.
    Finding a job, however, was a bit challenging for Mayank. Yet, it did not discourage him; in fact, he looks at that experience in a positive manner. “I learnt a lot of new and helpful things during this process,” says Mayank. 
    According to Mayank, there is one thing a person must absolutely carry along with himself or his family when migrating to Canada or any other country outside their own – and that is a positive attitude. Emphasizing on the importance of this attitude, he asserts, “If you are not ready for a change with a positive attitude, then don’t come.”
    One aspect that they like about Canada is the friendliness and helping nature of people. The couple believes that their journey in this country has been excellent so far. They hope for 
    a beautiful future for their daughter, which is filled with plentiful of good opportunities for her to explore and choose from. “We expect that our daughter will not only excel professionally but will also be an active community member who would be giving back to society positively,” says Mayank in conclusion.
    Biggest obstacle faced so far in Canada:
    The biggest obstacle that I faced so far in Canada was finding a job. If one makes good use of the available resource, then finding a job is not very difficult. It may take some time but it 
    is not impossible.   
    Resolutions made for yourself or family:
    To build a successful life for ourselves by following the law of the land and exploring available opportunities.
    Advice for immigrants:
    My advice to immigrants is to be ready for all the changes and challenges that will come across their way. Embrace everything with a positive attitude.   
    Memories of Homeland:
    I have very fond memories of India, especially the colourful festivals when family and friends get together and have wonderful celebrations.

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