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Gadget Trends

By David Benjamin Kent, 14 May, 2015
Sondors Electric Bike

Bicycles are cost-effective, good for the environment, excellent for your fitness, and can even be used as a way to make new friends. For people who intend on using their bike for most of their needs, being capable of making it to and from your destination is of utmost importance. If you pull a muscle, can you get home? If you’re injured, can you get around? These questions have led us to a new market: electric bikes. 

With rechargeable batteries, these bikes remove the need to pedal for a limited amount of time. The Sondors Electric Bike seeks to change, and lead, this newly blooming market. With a touch-activated throttle that requires no pedaling to start, the Sondors eBike offers you up to 50 miles of distance on a single battery; up to 20 mph speeds; all-terrain tires; a 350 watt driver motor; and weighs in at a respectable 55 lbs. You can pick up a Sondors Electric Bike for $649 with deliveries expected to start in August 2015. 

Security for your smartphone is a tricky concept. The go-to is to make use of the phone’s on-board PIN code system, forcing you to input a digit code every single time you want to use your phone. This has proven mostly useless with talented thieves and has definitely proven to be a nuisance for the user themselves. There are costly apps available that improve security, such as taking a picture of any failed attempt at cracking the PIN code or having secure GPS enabled. 

The SALT Card adds a different spin to securing your phone by tethering its locking system to your physical presence. The card is connected to your phone via its app and unlocks your phone when you’re near it, while making sure it’s locked when you’re gone. Easy, simple and time-saving. You can order your own SALT Card for $20 today. 

Although many might think a backpack is straight forward with no room for futuristic improvement, AMPL Labs has challenged this viewpoint with their “SmartBackpack”. The backpack does your traditional backpack tasks: it carries your stuff, and keeps it safe with shock absorbers on the bottom and a water-resistant coating so your equipment will remain safe in the elements. 

The Ampl is unique – it’s built for our generation and our innate need to keep our gadgets charged. It has USB ports in every pocket, a charging holster for your phone, battery quality technology to extend battery life expectancy, a single cable for outlet charging, and rechargeable batteries for when you’re on the go.
And, to make it even simpler for you, you can control the charging from an app on your phone, and the backpack is automatically equipped with tracking so you’ll know where it is at all times. This new spin on backpacks is expected to ship out in October 2015 and can be purchased for $264.
Headphone Divine

Headphone Divine is the world’s first DSP wireless headphone. DSP stands for digital signal processing, and audio devices sometimes have it in order to improve the quality of any sound you may listen to. It is typically a very costly feature, resulting in consumer headphones usually not being fitted with it. These headphones have a battery life of 14 hours at full intensity, and easily pair to your device.

They also work on both PCs and Macs so you don’t have to worry about compatibility, with support for Android and iOS incoming. The DSP used in this product is also used for high class car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and BMW, making it a sure bet for the quality you can expect. XTZ released these headphones in the beginning of 2015 and you can order your own pair for $229.

The COOLBOX is a serious attempt at turning your average toolbox into something far more useful and relevant to the 21st Century. COOLBOX isn’t satisfied with just keeping your tools safe and accessible, it is armed with two rechargeable batteries for running small power tools in a pinch or charging your gadgets; a 3-way splitter and a 12 ft extension cable; dual handles; internal LED lighting; a whiteboard on the lid for sketching and note-taking; a Bluetooth speaker for your tunes; wheels; clock; and USB ports.

That was certainly a mouthful of features, and for those who are only interested in the specs, you’ll be pleased to hear that the COOLBOX offers up to 1797.12 cubic inch capacity. You can get your own COOLBOX for $299 with expected delivery in June 2015.


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