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Randy Mann: Your Community Realtor

Darpan News Desk, 28 May, 2021
  • Randy Mann: Your Community Realtor

Changing Lives one family at a time

The pandemic has changed our outlook on indoor living. As many of us work from home, one’s comfort or “space” has become a priority. This is truly reflected though the real estate market as many millennials have purchased property since the start of Covid-19 pandemic. With low interest rates and a range of new and cost-effective homes - this seems to be the perfect time to buy your dream home. This is where Randy Mann’s expertise takes centre-stage! The owner of Randy Mann Homes has been helping home-buyers find their dream home for over a decade.

Randy Mann and his talented team provides real estate services mainly in the Fraser Valley including North Delta, Surrey, Langley and Chilliwack. “I specialize in the Lower Mainland, North Delta and everywhere around Vancouver, but if I had to point one region - I would say I specialize in the Surrey and North Delta area,” adds Randy, who passed the UBC real estate exam and got his real estate license from GOBC Real Estate School in 2011. Randy Mann Homes is a team of three realtors, specializing in single-family residential sales and offering a range of pre-sales services. Today, Randy’s proficiency in residential, investment, and development properties has resulted in him becoming an in-demand and trusted realtor across the Fraser Valley. Randy’s tenure as a Real Estate Specialist has resulted in award-winning and top-producing results for ten years in a row.


Given his immense passion for his work and resulting success, it comes as a surprise that being a realtor was not Randy’s first choice of profession. “It didn’t even cross my mind but I was forced into it,” he adds. Post high school, the long-time North Delta resident did a number of hard labor and blue collar work. “I have worked at car washes, gas stations, retail stores, window factories, sawmills, as a door-to-door salesperson, and my last job lasted for 14 years at a labor-intensive warehouse. It was not an easy life,” remembers Randy. What kept him going were the values passed down by his parents. “The core values are - to work hard, be honest, put in long hours, and make a living for yourself. Even today, I have the same attitude,” shares Randy. But when the warehouse shut down, Randy consulted with his father on what his next step should be, who suggested that Randy should try real estate. “I laughed and told him, “I am not a realtor!” I knew real estate is a lot of hard work.” But his father convinced him otherwise. “My dad told me that growing up in Canada, I had a lot of knowledge about the neighborhoods which made a lot of sense to me,” Randy recalls. This little push led to the start of his new journey as a real estate professional.

After the initial months of struggles, Randy realized he needs to be different from all the realtors in Vancouver. “You see advertising and marketing videos about realtors everywhere. It made me realize I needed to be more visible and commit to my community. That actually changed my life quite a lot and it started yielding results,” shares the young realtor. This visibility did wonders to his work, also his outgoing personality and client-focussed approach earned him the trust of both home buyers and sellers. “I started enjoying my work - from leading an amazing team and marketing our efforts to managing homes and helping people achieve their dreams or just dealing with people.” Randy is one of the most popular and reliable real estate agents in the Vancouver region. The best part of his approach is you get what you see. “I don’t change myself based on the person I am dealing with. I am loud and energetic, and I am out there. I am ready to work and make sure my clients are happy. I am that dark dose of espresso,” he proudly states. His enthusiasm is infectious and clients trust his advice and know that they are in good hands when their dream home is concerned. From analyzing one’s needs to closing the sale, Randy and his team guides clients through every milestone.

Having completed the first half of 2021, Randy reveals that the first quarter of the year was faster and more productive compared to the current market. Randy Mann Homes closed a lot more deals. “Previously the supply was lower and demand was high, now it is vice versa. I still see a strong seller’s market, but there’s definitely a shift,” says Randy who believes that the Covid-19 pandemic has also been a huge contributor to market trends. “Covid had a huge impact on the Vancouver real estate market. The Government reduced interest rates which made a lot of first-time buyers enter the market. With people working from home, they want to have a comfortable place to live in. They want more space, so people living in apartments have moved to a townhouse. And interestingly, there were no international players involved,” Randy explains.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Randy tells us a few pointers to keep in mind, “As a buyer make sure you have your finances and pre-approvals in order, talk to a lender, make sure your down payment is ready, and finally find yourself an educated and knowledgeable realtor who can show you the right neighborhood for your budget. If you are a seller, ensure you have the house cleared - landscaping, minor repairs, paint job, among other needs. Finally, get a realtor who comes in with a good team and is helpful. Also, if a professional realtor is giving his advice, consider it. It comes from a space of experience and goodwill,” he elaborates.

Randy calls himself the community realtor. Engaging with and giving back to the community is a fundamental pillar of Randy’s business model. His community efforts focus on promoting youth education and participation in extra curricular activities. In addition, Randy can often be found at or hosting various community events benefiting less fortunate families in one of the many communities Randy services. The realtor sponsors several hockey teams, local events, and schools. He is primarily involved with Mamas for Mamas, an organization that helps mothers across Canada with diapers, basic groceries, toys, and other needs. “We had a charity drive where we had over 20,000 diapers that were gathered and donated,” he happily adds.

Through his videos, unique marketing ideas and community engagement, Randy has built a strong social media presence. He also manages a Facebook group called the North Delta Community Corner, specifically for North Delta residents with over 15,000 members in it. He tries to help, motivate and connect people from different communities on one platform. “I believe as a realtor I am always there for people and we are always looking at satisfying my customers,” he affirms.

The Team:

Randy is not the one-man army behind all the success. He has a successful team that supports him and helps him achieve all their goals. “We come with a small team but we are very aggressive. I have two agents - Manny Chatha and Payal Prasad.” His other support team includes Alyson Bolla, Seema Sidhu, and Rick Handal. “They are my everything - from providing support to taking care of everything - they do it all which is why we close 100+ deals a year.”


“Manny is a more involved agent in my team; he loves his marketing videos and is adept at social media. If I am Batman, he is my Robin. He is an all-rounder and is highly driven.”


“Payal is quiet but extremely efficient. Payal used to be a nurse so she has a very caring approach which the clients love. She is very easy to deal with. She is quietly making deals and making things happen.”


“Alyson has been with me for over five years - that is almost half of my real estate career years. Her support has brought me to the professional level that I am at now. She kept everything intact for me when I was very busy - both personally and professionally. She holds the whole team together.”


“While Alyson was away I was looking for a replacement and I found someone in my family - Seema, who is my niece. She is my second assistant and was super quick to learn the tricks of the trade.”

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Looking to buy or sell with Randy Mann Homes? Get a free evaluation today. All you need to do is fill out the form or simply get in touch and Randy will help you achieve your real estate goals!


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