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Accessorize It!

By Shweta Kulkarni, 26 Sep, 2017

    “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of an outfit.” - Fashion Designer Michael Kors

    Keeping your wardrobe up-to-date with the ever-changing fashion trends can be a tad difficult, but there is one simple way to stay in vogue always without spending a bomb. Accessorize!
    Yes, while your clothes do make up for the majority of your outfit, a few rightly paired accessories can make wonders to your overall appearance. The fact of the matter is – accessories matter as much as your clothing do.
    As fashion designer Michael Kors once said, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of an outfit.” Be it a belt, bag, sunglasses or a simple hat… right accessories can not only emphasize your personal taste but also turn you super stylish within seconds.
    And thankfully, there are a plethora of options to choose from. We bring to you a list of some must-have fashion accessories you need this season to effortlessly slay. Read on.

    Statement Sunglasses

    The simplest way to make a style statement this season is with a pair of stunning shades. Mirrored, two-toned, colourful, tinted, geometric frames, cat-eye, brow bar silhouettes… There are literally hundreds of options available in the market to accentuate your look.

    Photo: Robert La Roche and the design collective 13&9

    Crowning Glory

    Fancy headbands and clips are not just for little girls anymore. You can do wonders to your style and look instantly glamourous by simply decking up your coif with some hair accessories. Headbands, ponytail cuffs, bobby pins, vintage bands, slide clips, bejewelled and colourful clips, floral accessories, big bows, pretty ribbons, bandanas, scrunchies are the most trending hair accessories in the fashion circuit currently.
    If you want to skip the hair bauble, you can still make heads turn with statement hats. They can add an edge to your outfit and can be worn with cute dresses, skirts, trousers and cardigans.

    Waist Belts

    Belts without a doubt are the most important fashion accessory of this season and they are more stylish than ever. Be it belts with big buckle, corset belts, 80s style gypsy belts, or skinny belts they are an important fashion tool to amp up your look. What’s more you can even wear them with your traditional saree and effortlessly make heads.

    Stylish Scarves

    Scarves not only complements all kinds of clothing but also, if worn right, can make you look absolutely elegant. This season, scarves have made a comeback in different shapes, sizes and forms. So, you have the puffer scarves, which are ruling the fashion circuit at the moment. Right from the runways to street style, they are unanimously a hit. Fur scarves are in vogue too, they suit all occasions and are ideal if you want to look elegant and sophisticated. Skinny scarves are also a fashion must-have this season; they can make any ensemble look chic in minutes.

    Bright Bags

    Pretty bags are a definite must-have for all women folks and this season one can make some stunning style statements with some bright coloured bags in different shapes.

    Photo: Baobao Issey Miyake Tote Bag

    Sole Talk

    Shoe trends reigning the fashion markets this season are bold and glittering. Sparkly shoes are certain to help you put your best and chic foot forward. Remember shiny and glittery are the key words and anything that is sparkling and shining is what you need to lay your hands on. Ankle length boots and kitten heels are trending too.

    Photo: KEDS X kate spade New York TRIPLE DECKER - GLITTER   

    Top Trending Men’s Fashion Accessories 

    While accessories help women make some impeccable style statements, men too can succeed in making heads turn with some smart and suave accessorizing. Here are a few fashion accessories for men that are sure to enhance their style and versatility.


    Socks are trending and how! They are available in different patterns and colours and are the simplest and the most inexpensive accessories to change the entire look of your outfit.

    Messenger bags

    Messenger bags are not only perfect to throw in your daily essentials and carry them with ease but also to make some stunning fashion statements at work and otherwise.  


    Scarves are becoming a hit among men too. Checked, colour block, striped or failsafe black – take your pick and just throw them around your chinos or the good ol’ jeans to make some cool style statement.


    Sunglasses are important accessories for men too and like women there are myriads of styles available to choose from. We recommend wayfarers, aviators and penny round sunglasses to enhance your look.
    Disclaimer: Images for representational purpose only!

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