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How to Wear Liquid Lipsticks

By Catherine Tse, 19 Jul, 2017
  • How to Wear Liquid Lipsticks

While previous generations of liquid lipsticks were infamous for leaving lips dry, chapped and flaky, the newer versions are considerably more comfortable and lip-friendly. 

There are a few tricks to wearing this season’s hottest trend – liquid lipsticks. It’s definitely worth the effort as liquid lipsticks give your lips incredible long-lasting coverage. There are a couple of different textures available; some are matte and leave a semi-indelible film that “sets” while others remain soft and pliable.
While previous generations of liquid lipsticks were infamous for leaving lips dry, chapped and flaky, the newer versions are considerably more comfortable and lip-friendly. 

Prepping for liquid lipstick

Pampering your lips is always beneficial, since the results are pretty, plump and smooth lips but if you are prepping for a liquid lipstick, this is absolutely essential. Lips need to be free from ragged edges and dry patches and should be well moisturized. Unlike lip glosses that are thick in texture and easily forgive shortcomings, liquid lipsticks are thin in texture and can emphasize imperfections.
Start by exfoliating. There are lots of lip scrubs on the market, usually in pot form, but you can absolutely create your own lip scrub at home either with a little sugar mixed with honey, yogurt or coconut oil. Use your index finger to apply to lips and very gently use circular motions to slough dead skin off. You can also use a very soft toothbrush (one for babies is ideal) or soft flannel to manually exfoliate lips. 
One of my favourite new lip exfoliator is Dior’s Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub ($41), a convenient stick-form that can be used anytime, neatly and discretely. It’s a combination exfoliator, with sugar crystals embedded within, and tinted lip balm that leaves lips velvety soft.
With regular exfoliation, your lips will need to stay well moisturized. Make Up For Ever’s new Lip Booster ($29) will repair and smooth your lips in a single swipe. This thin formula is full of Hyaluronic acid so it’s light enough to absorb quickly but will continue to hydrate for hours and serves as an ideal base for liquid lipsticks. Apply this at the beginning of your morning to give it time to absorb.

Applying liquid lipstick

When you’re ready to apply your liquid lipstick, regardless of the formula, here are a couple of universal tips. 
1. Wipe any excess lip balm off lips. Liquid lipsticks need to adhere to clean, bare skin.
2. The bold nature of liquid lipsticks often makes them the focus on the face, so spend a little time concealing any redness around the mouth. But don’t pull concealer onto the lips; again they need to remain clean of product.
3. Wipe excess product off the wand before applying directly onto lips. Do this either by gently scraping the doe-foot applicator against the inside edge of the container while pulling out the wand or by dabbing the tip lightly onto a tissue.
4. Work in thin layers. These are very opaque products and require precise application, which is impossible if you have excessive product on. This is not lip gloss.
5. Use a lip brush if you’re new to liquid lipsticks or new to a specific formula. This is a great way to control product distribution until you get a feel for the product. Just dip the lip brush into the doe-foot applicator and start layering onto lips.
6. Work slowly and precisely. Unlike lip gloss or traditional lipstick, wiping away liquid lipstick is very messy and will move/remove any makeup you already have around your lips. Again, these are very pigmented products and swiping will only drag the colour, not remove it.
7. Once you’re done with application, give the liquid lipstick a minute to “set”. If this is a semi-indelible product, you’ll feel the product dry and become smooth and matte. If it’s a creant product, you’ll still feel it settle although it will remain moist and have a velvet finish.
For long-lasting formulas, I love SPELA’s new liquid lipstick ($24), which is highly pigmented yet feels weightless on lips making it extremely comfortable for a matte product. It sets quickly and becomes budge-proof. Moreover, SPELA is vegan and free of harsh chemicals. Two classic long-lasting options that are still top performers are Hourglass’s Opaque Rouge ($35) and Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($31). Both these formulas are matte and provide very long-lasting colour.
Liquid lipsticks with a creamy texture will also provide highly-pigmented, long-lasting results, but their flexible nature means they won’t “set” to a budge-proof finish. While they may not last quite as long, they are more comfortable to wear, so they’re a great option for those with extremely dry lips. Two fantastic options for this variation are Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet ($38) and NARS’s Velvet Lip Glide ($34). Both dry to semi-matte and, as their names suggest, leave a plush, velvet finish.

Removing liquid lipstick

At the end of the day, remove your liquid lipstick with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. Even straight oil will suffice, which is why eating oily foods is always detrimental to lip products. Make sure to put on some deeply hydrating lip balm before bed to ensure your lips have time to revive. My night time routine always includes Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O Moisturizing Micellar Solution ($21) and Nuxe’s Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm ($17).
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