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Six Core Values of Entrepreneurship

By Ekam Nagra, 21 Nov, 2016
    Growing up, I always wanted to do something big, I always wanted to be my own boss. Being an entrepreneur is an amazing lifestyle – it is fun, it’s moving, and it can open up a lot of doors for you.
    These days a lot of people want to have their own brand or movement, but it is important to understand that this is a lifestyle that requires a lot of discipline and toughness.
    Below are six core values every entrepreneur needs to have.
    Relentless work ethic
    Being an entrepreneur means you are always working 24/7. It can be grueling at times, but the reward is beautiful. There will be sleepless nights and long workdays; you won’t always be in your comfort zone either. You have to embrace the grind if you really want your dreams to come true. 
    At the end of the day, you’ll always be judged by your product and service. But what you do when everyone is watching is a reflection of what you did when nobody was watching.
    As an entrepreneur you have to put your ego aside, especially if you are offering a service to people. It’s not always about you; it’s about connecting your ideas/skills with people. 
    Always be willing to learn new things, take criticism and never let any ounce of success get to your head. Treat everyone equally, be prepared to ask for help and be nice to everyone. 
    Never look down on anyone. Just because you own something, it doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone. People who are genuinely humble and doing what they do for the right reasons usually rise to the top and remain there. 
    Personally, I put everything I do in God’s hands and do my part by working extremely hard and smart. In business, it’s important to never get too high and never get too low. If you can remain calm and patient in entrepreneurship, you’ll be in a good position to be successful.
    It’s important to understand that nothing is guaranteed. You’ll have good days and bad days and if you can accept that then you’ll always be able to move forward and continue growing. 
    Don’t rush things and don’t over stress. Entrepreneurship isn’t a one-day or one-week project, it is 24/7 and you have to learn how to control and channel your emotions. 
    If you aren’t an honest and ethical person at heart it can be extremely tough to understand entrepreneurship. Always remember, the whole concept is to provide people with a service and share your passion/talent. Your product and the environment in your organization is a reflection of the person you are. Do what you are doing for the right reasons. Treat people with respect and provide them with the absolute best of you.
    The most passionate entrepreneurs tend to naturally over-deliver. Don’t do a basic job; make the experience for your client or consumer the absolute best among the field. When you over-deliver, your product is truly felt. Always be willing to go the extra mile.
    Mental toughness 
    Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be an absolute beast mentally. Be prepared and be able to handle anything that comes your way.
    There will be tough moments, things won’t always go the way you want and you have to be able to bounce back and continue working hard while remaining true to yourself and sticking to the core values you believe in.
    If you want something bad enough, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it.


    ABOUT THE AUTHOUR - Ekam Nagra

    Ekam is the founder of Ball Don’t Stop, one of the biggest basketball media outlets in the world. He is also the co-founder of Vancity Strength, a personal training gym based out of Surrey, BC. He is a strength & conditioning specialist, basketball skills trainer, and a writer. 

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