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Freedom Capital: Another Choice for Financing

Darpan News Desk, 28 Jan, 2019

    "Private financing is becoming an increasingly important option in the business community across Canada and it enables those with financing problems to build back their credit and pay off credit card loans. We often view it as spearheading the new and upcoming era of financing.” - Pip Dhaliwal Founder, Freedom Capital



    In today’s world, obtaining loans or any other kind of financial assistance is becoming increasingly difficult. Whether you are a first-time buyer, suffering from a business or personal financial downfall, or aspiring entrepreneur, seeking a bank’s help may be your first choice but it might not always be the best option. Extensive bank requirements, high interest rates, scrutiny on funds and stress tests are making bank loan processes lengthy and frustrating. So what can you do when you are in dire need of money but your trusted bank is lacking in help? At times like these, one should consider alternative financing as it can be an excellent resource to support a variety of financing needs. Freedom Capital specializes in commercial, construction and private financing options by providing the best and customized solutions to each client’s private financing needs. The company works to provide customers with immediate relief from any financial crisis.

    The brokerage firm is licensed to work with clients who require construction, commercial or private financing, and has years of experience putting their expertise towards numerous cases. With an extensive network of lenders and private financial experts to assist with complex financing cases, Freedom Capital proudly fulfills fast private financing loan approvals. “Our private financing experts create custom solutions, even in the most challenging of cases,” says Pip Dhaliwal, founder of Freedom Capital.

    Dhaliwal understands that getting access to loans is no easy task. He points out that one’s credit history and net income are two of several areas under scrutiny when trying to obtain loans from traditional financial institutions, making it tough for many clients. This is not the case at Freedom Capital. While such criteria are important, the organization embraces an old-fashioned concept. Dhaliwal believes in looking at the assets in total to get a bigger picture of what is going on, so that easier, more diverse financial options are made available to investors and entrepreneurs. “That is the basis of our operating philosophy and something I saw a distinct need for in the business world, when I founded Freedom Capital eight years ago,” states Dhaliwal who is an expert in the field having worked previously as a loans officer and mortgage specialist in his native England.

    As more and more options become available to potential customers on how they choose to finance their projects, the financial game continues to get more competitive in Canada. Freedom Capital is one of the private financing options that can provide low-interest rates on large loans, and understands how to equip clients with the appropriate financing solutions as their needs evolve. “To us, denying a financing application is not an option as we believe every person deserves a second chance to make the right financing decision,” asserts Dhaliwal whose commitment to providing personalized financing options for each client is one of many plus points his firm is known for.

    A few of Freedom Capital’s main highlights are:

    > Providing loans from $50,000 for a mortgage to over $150 million for major construction projects with competitive interest rates
    > Freedom Capital works with alternative lending partners, which allows refinancing of loans to be obtained based on a family’s equity, rather than income.
    > No hidden costs, no hidden compounding fees, and no lengthy agreement terms

    Freedom Capital focuses on making the client’s experience stress-free, while providing quick, easy access to lending money, with a transparent and flexible repayment system. Currently, banks’ lending policies for entrepreneurs and developers are quite restricted, and confine them to one build as well as withholding further financing until that project is paid out. They also will not issue a land-only mortgage if the developer is purchasing land that has not yet been rezoned.

    As a broker, Freedom Capital operates on two levels: providing financing to entrepreneurs, which in turn allows them to generate income. It also helps people with problems such as health or divorce, an issue that caught Dhaliwal’s attention back in England when he saw responsible and hardworking families lose all their assets due to foreclosures.

    Along with providing customers with personalized financial solutions, Freedom Capital hopes that people understand that private lending money options are not meant to exploit beneficiaries. Through the integrity and loyalty with which they provide their services, Freedom Capital ensures that this misconception is forgotten, and that clients feel comfortable rather than intimidated when seeking private loans. “Private financing is becoming an increasingly important option in the business community across Canada and it enables those with financing problems to build back their credit and pay off credit card loans. We often view it as spearheading the new and upcoming era of financing.”

    For more information or cost-effective solutions, contact Freedom Capital today!

    Freedom Capital

    #104 15272 Croydon Drive,
    Surrey. BC V3Z 0Z5 (+1) 866 944 7778

    Pip Dhaliwal Founder,
    Freedom Capital 604 830 7080

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