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Yogi’s Kitchen: Home-like Meals Delivered Daily

Darpan News Desk, 23 Mar, 2021
  • Yogi’s Kitchen: Home-like Meals Delivered Daily

Yogi’s Kitchen is a technology-based meal delivery service focused to deliver fresh home-like food to customers. With just a few clicks on your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can sign-up and start receiving delectable home-like cooked meals delivered to your doorstep.






A fast-paced work or academic lifestyle can be a challenge for immigrants or students in Canada. Many times, a busy schedule results in skipping meals, opting for unhealthy fast food or having no time for buying groceries or food preparation. Yogi’s Kitchen was started in 2019 to offer a perfect solution to this problem. Yogi’s Kitchen is a technology-based meal delivery service focused to deliver fresh home-like food to customers. “Majority of our customers are people who are busy with their studies/career and don’t get enough time to come home and cook proper meals. Our main goal is to ensure our customers do not have to struggle for their lunch and dinner meals,” says Yogi Chawla, President and Founder of Yogi’s Kitchen.

With just a few clicks on your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can sign-up and start receiving delectable home-like cooked meals delivered to your doorstep. Choose from a set of three meal plans and an extensive menu that offers nutritional value and authentic taste. “Our promise is that none of our dishes repeat within four weeks. Our meal plan pricing is very affordable and a lot cheaper as compared to buying groceries and then cooking from scratch,” states Yogi. An online tiffin service such as the Surrey-based Yogi’s Kitchen means no hassle of calling in to order or update your food order; a few clicks will get you your desired meal.

Food quality and hygiene have been a priority for Yogi’s Kitchen from day one, even before Covid regulations came into place. “Our kitchen staff members are food-safe certified. With their help we have successfully implemented checklists to ensure proper sanitization process is being followed. We ensure regular monitoring through cameras across the production floor and strictly follow the health and safety guidelines set by Fraser Health,” informs Yogi about some of the food-safety measures.

Yogi’s Kitchen provided a much-needed service that was lacking in the community. Their growth has been tremendous; they currently serve over 2,500 customers daily, most of whom are Indian students and immigrants. “Since inception we have aimed at adding convenience to our customer’s lives. In a short span of two years, we have managed to become the Number 1 and most popular tiffin service in the Lower Mainland,” says Yogi excitedly. Yogi’s Kitchen also introduced Feed the Need Canada and donates 50 meals daily to people in need. So which is the most popular meal plan among customers? “It is the standard plan,” answers Yogi. “The primary reasons for its popularity are: Huge variety in menu including continental every Wednesday and biryani every Saturday; non-vegetarian options four days a week; and affordable pricing as compared to the exclusive plan.” He further reveals that the most popular dish is their Saturday special chicken or vegetarian biryani.

Yogi wants to expand Yogi’s Kitchen to other similar cities where the population of Indian students and immigrants is high by launching a franchise model. “People from these areas have reached out to Yogi’s Kitchen on multiple occasions as the struggle to get fresh home-like food delivered to your doorstep is real. The level of convenience our concept adds to everyone’s life is apparent and hence there is a tremendous opportunity to grow in these areas. We have planned to set up five franchises by end of 2021 (Victoria, Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto) and another eight by 2022,” he discloses. Try Yogi’s Kitchen service today and enjoy food that reminds you of home.


Unique Features of Yogi’s Kitchen:

PAUSE MEAL - Customer can pause their meal delivery if they want.

TEMPORARY ADDRESS - Customer can get their food delivered to a different address every day.

MENU SELECTION - Over seven menu options everyday to choose from and none of the dishes are repeated within the same week.

24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Chat and call anytime.



Yogi’s Kitchen Food Services Ltd.

10537 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2X1

CALL: 1-877-219-6224

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