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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to Reveal Federal Budget on February 11

30 Jan, 2014

    January 27, 2014: The federal budget will be unveiled on February 11, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced in the House of Commons Monday afternoon. The date falls right in the middle of Sochi Winter Olympics which are lined up for February 7th to 23rd. The minister told the Commons that the new budget will continue to focus on jobs and economic growth.

    “We know we’re on track to balance in 2015-16 and we said when we ran the deficit, because of the great recession, we said would balance in the medium term and we’ll balance in the medium term,” Flaherty added. “But we’re going to be cautious in the meantime.”

    Flaherty further added that his plan in the years to come is to balance the books and keep spending low.

    “I’m not a big spender. I don’t think my colleagues are big spenders either, but there are some in our caucus perhaps who would spend more than we would,” the minister explained and said “I’m not going to spend a lot of money, but I’m not the only person who makes these decisions.”