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The 2021 Yearly Predictions

By Georgia Nicols, 27 Jan, 2021
  • The 2021 Yearly Predictions

What’s in Store for you this year?


Aries (March 21-April 19)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars

The Skinny

You’re an initiator. You’re the energy and brains behind new projects. You’re competitive because you hate to lose. Because you’re the warrior of the zodiac, you rise to every challenge and lead with blind optimism. “To the gates!” You love animals, especially baby ones. You can do anything with your hands. (Training? That’s cheating!) You like fast cars, jaunty hats and adventure!

Career and Money

Life will be much easier this year! With little effort, you will move in the direction you want, and bosses and VIPs will help you. In the last three years, Saturn created obstacles for you; but this year, Saturn will give you the stability and perseverance to attain your goals, while Jupiter will promote your popularity with others. Yes! (You might experience a sudden change with professional associations.) Whereas until now, you have thrived as an individual – this year, you will begin to integrate yourself with some kind of group expression. It’s time to learn to cooperate in a team.

Relationships and Romance

This year, because you will be more popular and more active with groups, it’s important to know that friends and new contacts will benefit you. (Because this is a two-way street, you will help friends and romantic partners as well.) Note: The more you make an effort to interact and help others -- the quality of your own life will improve. It’s a win/win! Nevertheless, some unexpected and sudden changes to friendships and clubs will occur this year.

Home Suite Home

This will be a better year for home and family simply because you’re happier. You intend to take more time for yourself (personally) to protect your own quality of life instead of giving everything to your job and the community. This gift of personal time will benefit your relations with family and loved ones.

My Aries Mantra for 2021

“I appreciate the benefit I get from others.”

Lucky Days for Aries in 2021

January 18, 19, 20
February 14, 15, 16
March 14, 15
April 10, 11, 12
May 7, 8, 9
June 4, 5
July 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
August 24, 25, 26
September 21, 22
October 19, 19, 20
November 14, 15, 16
December 12, 13


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Element: Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus


The Skinny

You love beautiful things, which is why many of you are collectors. You love good food, good wine, and because you are the most sensual sign in the zodiac, you love good sex. Your keen tactile sense creates an interest in massage and your fine sense of taste makes you a gourmet. (You adore your creature comforts.) You also enjoy gardening and delight in flowers. Many of you have a wonderful singing voice. All of you have financial savvy!

Career and Money

Glory hallelujah! Saturn and Jupiter at the top of your chart this year spells success. It’s finally time for you to put your name up in lights! You clearly see what is working and what is not. Many of you will get a promotion or public recognition this year. Some will change their career to medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel. It’s your turn to go for the gold! Nevertheless, keep your eyes open for fast changes in Feb., June and Dec.

Relationships and Romance

Success is sexy! Because you are enjoying one of the most successful years in your life, naturally, this makes you more appealing to new and existing partners. This year, you feel confident, happy to be in your shoes and proud of your accomplishments, which makes you even more attractive to everyone! Enjoy this great press.

Home Suite Home

Everything related to home and family will go smoothly this year mainly because this is such a successful year for you. But sometimes parents are absent because of worldly success. Be aware of this. Make sure you make time for family and loved ones, despite the adulation you receive from your outer world. Family is forever.

My Taurus Mantra for 2021

“I’m proud of my success and my ability to let go of what is not working.”

Lucky Days for Taurus in 2021

January 21, 22
February 17, 18
March 16, 17, 18
April 13, 14
May 10, 11
June 6, 7, 8
July 3, 4, 5, 31
August 1, 27, 28, 29
September 22, 23, 24
October 21, 22
November 17, 18
December 14, 15


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury

The Skinny

The reason you are interesting is that you are interested in everything and you love people. You especially love fascinating conversations and fun times that give you the chance to show off how quick-witted and clever you are. Your freedom is important to you because you’re a spontaneous person. You are a lover of life and always appreciate your adoring peanut gallery.

Career and Money

This year is all about getting performance ready for 2022 because in 2022, you will shine! That’s why it’s important to know that what you do this year will affect how good you look next year. Get training or further education. Become more technologically savvy. Because your creative potential is enormous right now, you can accomplish a lot that might be tough to do in other years. Several times this year, you will have sudden changes with travel and school plans. Stay flexible!

Relationships and Romance

This is a wonderful year for relationships, especially romance. You want to broaden your understanding of the world, which is why people from different backgrounds will intrigue you. You will also find it easy to be tolerant of “different” people. Even your sense of humor will be sharper this year! This is a great year to enjoy travelling with partners and friends if you can do so. You want more out of life!

Home Suite Home

Because you feel healthier, many of you will enjoy physical activity or athletics this year, perhaps with a family member. A daily jog together? A shared bike ride? Kayaking? In addition, because you feel more financially secure, you might buy fun goodies, which will boost family relations by introducing shared leisure for everyone. “A trampoline!”

My Gemini Mantra for 2021

“I am happier and more relaxed this year!”

Lucky Days for Gemini in 2021

January 23, 24, 25
February 19, 20, 21
March 19, 20
April 15, 16, 17
May 12, 13, 14
June 9, 10, 11
July 6, 7
August 2, 3, 4, 30, 31
September 26, 27
October 23, 24,25
November 19, 20, 21
December 16, 17, 18


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon

The Skinny

You’re a nurturer who understands that caring is the essence of nursing. You bring things back to life: a bland soup, a dying plant, an ailing pet, a sick child or a stalled motor. You hate to throw things away. (“I might need this one day.”) You are sensitive, witty and humorous; a talented photographer, a gardener and a chef. Are you cheap? Not really. Do you buy full price retail? “Are you crazy? What am I? Made of money?”

Career and Money

Last year was hellish. This year is much, much better! Your focus will be on shared property, inheritances, insurance, and the wealth of others. However, expect possible disputes and sudden surprises in these areas, especially with groups or friends. Nevertheless, this is an excellent year to get a loan or mortgage or raise money for a business. It’s also an excellent time to enter into a professional partnership with someone because they will bring assets or money to the table. People will help you this year! Accept their offers of help. (Don’t refuse this out of pride.)

Relationships and Romance

This is a passionate year for you! The most important thing to know about this year is that your relations with others will improve your life. Be open to connecting with everyone. Be open to being generous to others. Be open to receiving generosity from others. (You get the picture.)

Home Suite Home

This is a fortunate year for home and family because you personally will benefit from the wealth of others, and these advantages will indirectly benefit your family as well. You might receive an inheritance or the opportunity to use something that someone else owns. Also, you will more easily get a mortgage to buy, expand or improve your home, which will benefit everyone. It’s all good.

My Cancer Mantra for 2021

“This year I benefit from other people’s resources and wealth.”


Lucky days for Cancer in 2021

January 26, 27
February 22, 23
March 21, 22, 23
April 18, 19
May 15, 16
June 11, 12, 13
July 8, 9, 10
August 4, 5, 6
September 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
October 25, 26, 27
November 22, 23
December 19, 20 21


Leo (July 23-August 22)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: Sun

The Skinny

You are dramatic, proud and generous. You are especially creative in the entertainment world. You have a sporty style! Sunglasses, snappy car, chunky jewellery and animal prints guarantee that you’re noticed. You’re a leader who is brave, playful and entertaining. You’re a proud and protective parent. You are committed to whatever you do. Despite your cavalier flair, the word casual is not even in your vocabulary.

Career and Money

The year 2021 is significant because from 2005 up to today has been a steady progression of growth; and since 2018, you’ve been busting your buns! This year will be a big change for you. Your focus will start to swing more to your external world. Many of you will receive recognition for what you do. People will notice and admire you. In part, this is because you are starting to believe in yourself, which is a good thing because three years from now, your reputation will shine!

Relationships and Romance

Your love life is a mixed bag this year. Some relationships will end because they have outlived their usefulness. However, those that are meant to last will endure. Despite this challenge to existing partnerships, ironically, this is the best year for Leos to get married in over a decade! (Go figure.) Partnerships and close friendships might undergo unexpected changes in Feb., June or Dec. Stay tuned.

Home Suite Home

This year, your most challenging area will be with spouses and partners. Some partnerships will end. However, the relationships that are meant to last will endure. It’s important to live up to agreements and the expectations that others have of you. Meanwhile, because you are happier this year due to your increased recognition, your happiness will be a positive influence for everyone in your family.

My Leo Mantra for 2021

“I appreciate the recognition I receive and
I continue to work hard for my future.”

Lucky Days for Leo in 2021

January 1, 2, 28, 29
February 24, 25, 26
March 24, 25
April 20, 21
May 17, 18, 19
June 14, 15
July 10, 11, 12
August 7, 8
September 3, 4, 5
October 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
November 24, 25, 26
December 22, 23


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Element: Earth
Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury


The Skinny

You are brilliant and discerning with words, which is why you can mimic others and do accents. You have an organized mind and you love to make lists. You buy vitamins you never take. You’re witty, observant and you notice details more than any other sign. You’re aware of your health even if you eat junk food. You enjoy being useful and helping others. “More coffee? Should I make a new pot?” You are loved.

Career and Money

Great news! This is the best year for you to improve your job or get a better job in over a decade! You can get better duties, a promotion, or a better working environment in your existing job. Or if you choose, you can go out and get a better job! This is because you are confident and full of positive energy to work, and the gods are with you. (Timing is everything.) In fact, changes to your work (and perhaps a pet) might occur in Feb., June or Dec. This is the year to believe in yourself. All of you will improve your health this year. Many of you will receive joy through a pet. The increased happiness you get from your job also applies to those who are retired. It applies to your everyday work.

Relationships and Romance

This year you have a more positive attitude about yourself because you feel healthier! You also are more invigorated and enthusiastic about life. Obviously, by extension, this will make you more attractive to others and promote romance and warm friendships with everyone. Oh yeah! Everyone likes to be around someone who is happy.

Home Suite Home

Home and family life will improve this year because you have more energy to devote to others. Why do you have more energy? Because your health will improve this year. You feel vigorous and confident, which will affect everyone at home in a positive way. (You will be a better role model.)

My Virgo Mantra for 2021

“This year I feel healthier and more vigorous!”

Lucky Days for Virgo 2021

January 3, 4, 30, 31
February 27, 28
March 26, 27
April 22, 23, 24
May 20, 21
June 16, 17
July 13, 14
August 9, 10, 11
September 5, 6, 7
October 3, 4, 31
November 1, 27, 28
December 24, 25


Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Scales
Ruling Planet: Venus

The Skinny

You are charming, attractive and always colour coordinated. Because you are affected by your environment, you are sensitive to lighting, colour and design. These things matter! You love beautiful rooms, beautiful restaurants and beautiful clothes. You’re an excellent mediator and can bring consensus to opposing views, which is why so many of you are in the legal profession. (Notice how well-dressed lawyers are!) Because you’re a people pleaser, you sometimes hesitate to be candid. You are a caring person.

Career and Money

Last year was tough for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This year will be much easier! For the first time since 2001-2003, Saturn is in your fellow Air Sign giving you solid, support. (Think back to what you accomplished then.) Because moneybags Jupiter will help your Libran Sun, this is a good year for finances. You might spend more, but you will also attract money to you as well as be able to make money through speculation. You will produce a lot through hard work. Well done!

Relationships and Romance

Good news! This is one of the best years in over a decade for romance, love affairs and fun relationships because you have the courage to be yourself without fear or apology. You will feel happier this year and enjoy socializing with loved ones. In fact, this year brings opportunities for personal growth and increased wisdom in general. Romantically, you might become involved with someone who is unusual or from a different background, or perhaps they are richer. Something unexpected might impact your life through partnerships and close friendships in Feb., June or Dec. This is an easier more fun year for you!

Home Suite Home

At the beginning of this year, you will work to strengthen situations at home including home repairs. Children could be an increased responsibility; and yet, ironically, you will also discover greater joy through your kids this year, which will be rewarding. Because you are happier, relations with family will likewise be happier.

My Libra Mantra for 2021

“I’m happier and I have the courage to be myself.”

Lucky Days for Libra in 2021

January 5, 6
February 1, 2
March 1, 2, 28, 29
April 24, 25, 26
May 22, 23
June 18, 19
July 15, 16, 17
August 11, 12, 13
September 8, 9
October 5, 6
November 2, 3, 29, 30
December 26, 27, 28


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Scorpion & the Eagle
Ruling Planet: Pluto

The Skinny

You are the most strong-willed sign in the zodiac. You are passionate, intense and capable. You tend to see the world in black and white terms, which means you love something or you hate it. You have amazing powers of self-regeneration, self-discipline and willpower. You are also the trickster of the zodiac! You’re definitely a passionate lover. You predominate the medical field and law enforcement. (You mean business.)

Career and Money

This year you can make money through real-estate speculation or selling and buying your own home. Any major decisions regarding real estate will benefit you. In addition, you will be able to work successfully from home and be happy doing so. You might join with family members to boost your earnings or create a family owned business. Get your ducks in a row this year! Appearances are everything.

Relationships and Romance

Romance will be wonderful in May, June and July because Jupiter is in your fellow Water Sign. New relationships might come through a family introduction. You are a passionate, playful sign but you’re no fool. From now until 2023, the relationships that will appeal to you will be those that offer a promising future with emotional and practical security.

Home Suite Home

Oh my! This is where your good fortune shines! This year you will improve where you live by renovating or redecorating your home. Many of you will buy beautiful things for your home. Alternatively, you might move to something bigger and better either by buying and selling or renting something new. (Some of you might downsize.) This is one of the best years in over a decade to make money through real estate. Meanwhile, family members will be happier and more generous to each other. A heart-warming year!

My Scorpio Mantra for 2021

“I’m grateful for my home and family.”

Lucky Days for Scorpio in 2021

January 7, 8
February 3, 4, 5
March 3, 4, 30, 31
April 26, 27
May 24, 25
June 20, 21
July 17, 18, 19
August 13, 14, 15
September 10, 11
October 7, 8
November 3, 4, 5
December 1, 2, 29, 30


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Element: Fire
Symbol: The Centaur
Ruling Planet: Jupiter


The Skinny

You are the traveller of the zodiac. You are breezy, upbeat and optimistic. You’re a philosophical truth seeker, an outdoors enthusiast and a perpetual student-teacher. You can also be a titan of industry because you’re a risk taker at heart and you think big! You love animals, especially big animals. You work hard and you party hard! Life is short – and the world is wide!

Career and Money

This year you are entering a two-year window where you might change your job, even if you don’t think so. Fortunately, people in power will help you. Many of you will get advanced training or do writing and research. Essentially, what is happening is that your everyday mental patterns and attitudes are beginning to change, and this affects how you talk and listen to others. You will be more optimistic this year and will believe in your future! Because of this, your plans for the future will be bigger and more expansive.

Relationships and Romance

Because this year is easier, relations will flow more smoothly. Nevertheless, they will undergo a change because your style of communicating is changing. You will start to hear people differently and respond to them differently. You will get closer to the truth of how important your relationships are to you; however, you might also see that some relationships are not what you thought they were.

Home Suite Home

Relations with family members will improve! Yay! This is a major bonus. Meanwhile, you might change residences this year or next. Because this is a strong reality, it’s good to know that next year in 2022, is one of the best years in over a decade to benefit from home and real estate. (However, some of you might move twice.)

My Sagittarius Mantra for 2021

“This year is easier for me and I like it!”

Lucky Days for Sagittarius in 2021

January 9, 10
February 6, 7
March 5, 6
April 1, 2, 28, 29, 30
May 26, 27
June 22, 23
July 19, 20, 21
August 16, 17
September 12, 13
October 9, 10, 11
November 5, 6, 7
December 3, 4, 31


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Ruling Planet: Uranus

The Skinny

You are a sexy, passionate person. You have solid, old-fashioned values, especially about family. You love designer labels, and can spot a Louis Vuitton at 10 paces. In a curious way, you’re old when you’re young and young when you’re old. You’re stoic and can handle pressure because you know it is character building. “No pain, no gain.” You like respect, punctuality, good manners and money in the bank. (Can’t argue with that!)

Career and Money

Good news! This year you will get richer! You will find a better paying job or you will increase your wealth and your assets in some way. If you don’t earn more money, then money will come to you in other ways, but you will get richer. However, you will work hard for what you achieve. (Ironically, you might feel financially insecure even if you aren’t.) This year is also easier because the difficult influences of 2020 are gone. (It was very hard for you in the last few years.)

Relationships and Romance

All your relationships will improve this year because you feel less stressed. (This year it feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders.) As a consequence of this, you will be more gracious and grateful – especially to those who are closest to you. Your self-image and self-confidence will grow, which means you can look forward to improved relations in every way.

Home Suite Home

We all put on our “game face” in public because we want to make the best impression possible. This is why we often treat strangers better than our loved ones, which is sad to say but true. But this year, your stress will be much reduced! You will be happier. When you are happier, relations with family members are happier. Joy is always contagious.

My Capricorn Mantra for 2021

“I’m richer this year!”

Lucky Days for Capricorn for 2021

January 11, 12
February 8, 9
March 7, 8
April 3, 4
May 1, 2, 28, 29
June 24, 25
July 22, 23
August 18, 19
September 14,15
October 12, 13
November 8, 9
December 5, 6


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Element: Air
Symbol: The Water Carrier
Ruling Planet: Uranus


The Skinny

You’re unique, original, independent thinking and hard to predict. You’re very modern and many of you are high tech -- born 50 years ahead of your time. You care about society and what is happening to the planet. You are a superb networker and know how to rally your troops to fight for reforms. You value friendships and are a great friend to others. You have an excellent mind and many of you are scientists and computer geeks. You can also be impossibly sexy and alluring!

Career and Money

This year is one of the best years for Aquarius in over a decade because lucky Jupiter is in your sign! Expect to initiate new projects, expand your activities and pursue new studies. Meanwhile, you will attract helpful people and resources to you. Basically, you’re entering a new world! (Some of you will even change your daily wardrobe.) Just as you are setting out on this journey to reinvent yourself, lucky Jupiter will be in your sign for the first time in 12 years, giving you divine protection. Your confidence and self-poise will increase this year. You’re movin’ on!

Relationships and Romance

With Jupiter in your sign, not only will romance and friendships improve, but you will also be more active in groups and organizations as well. That’s because suddenly, everyone wants you on their team! It’s important to know that your relations with others will benefit you this year because it means it’s in your best interest to be friendly with everyone. (Which, let’s face it, is your style anyway.)

Home Suite Home

The last two years have been the dark night of the soul for you. Many of you have downsized and given up much. This year is your turning point, which will be obvious in the increased happiness and hope in your personal and domestic world. You have survived! Family life will be happier and easier.

My Aquarius Mantra for 2021

“With Jupiter in my sign, I have luck and good fortune.”

Lucky Days for Aquarius in 2021

January 13, 14, 15
February 10, 11
March 9, 10
April 5, 6, 7
May 3, 4, 30, 31
June 26, 27, 28
July 23, 24, 25
August 20, 21
September 16, 17, 18
October 14, 15
November 10, 11
December 7, 8


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Element: Water
Symbol: The Fish
Ruling Planet: Neptune

The Skinny

You are an attractive sign. (Some of you look almost angelic.) You are idealistic, sensitive, compassionate, and you really know how to accessorize. You love music and many of you are great dancers. (You never have enough shoes and boots.) You care about your friends, who love you. Your ability to visualize, makes you a great choreographer or photographer. Buy your Kleenex wholesale because you weep so easily.

Career and Money

You are starting to dismantle much of what you have created since 2008 in order to get rid of what is no longer relevant or useful in your life. In May, June and July, you will get a boost of good fortune and optimism! The changes you make this year will lead to a better financial year in 2022, when you will increase your assets and get richer! Yay!

Relationships and Romance

This year you are giving serious thought to friendships and romantic partnerships because you want to be involved with people who have your back and who benefit you. This is why you will find yourself saying goodbye not only to possessions and places but also to certain people. It’s time to put yourself first. If not now – then when?

Home Suite Home

You are letting go of what you no longer need, which means you might change your residence. Obviously, important family connections will endure because you will protect them; but you no longer will give energy to something that has outlived its usefulness. You’re getting ready for a fresh start!

My Pisces Mantra for 2021

“I’m streamlining and lightening my load!”

Lucky Days for Pisces in 2021

January 16, 17
February 12, 13
March 11, 12, 13
April 8, 9
May 5, 6
June 1, 2, 3, 29, 30
July 26, 27
August 22, 23, 24
September 19, 20
October 16, 17
November 12, 13
December 9, 10, 11



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