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New Year, New Gadgets

By Benjamin Yong, 31 Jan, 2019

    Latest tech to live your best life in the coming months



    As we head into 2019, here is a list of DARPAN’s top four latest gadgets to grab, to help you live your best life in the coming months.


    Beryl Laserlight

    Although we’re in the middle of winter, cycling doesn’t necessarily have to stop. The Beryl Laserlight keeps riders safe by shining a bright white LED light, featuring a low 100 lumen flashing and a high intensity solid 300 lumen mode among others, to illuminate the road ahead on those dark mornings and early dusk evenings. In addition, the device utilizes laser technology to project a bright green image of a bicycle onto the road to let drivers know you’re coming, particularly effective at intersections, around bends and in a vehicle’s blind spot.

    Small and sleek, the Laserlight measures 115 millimetres long and 40 millimetres wide, and is housed in a premium aircraft-grade aluminum waterproof casing. The mounting bracket with one-hand quick release fits virtually all standard handlebars, and depending on the intensity and setting, the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 32 hours. Simply plug in the USB cable, and 50 per cent capacity is reached in one hour, 100 per cent in four hours.

    Instax SQUARE SQ20

    Only one year after the launch of the first Fujifilm hybrid instant camera, the Japanese manufacturer has done it again by releasing the follow-up Instax SQUARE SQ20. Compared to traditional Instax models, this one is equipped with a digital sensor and image processing capabilities, so photographers can enjoy better low-light performance, macro shooting, auto focus, and the choice of various filters and vignette effects to add a splash of fun to pictures. Additional functions not seen before are “Motion Mode,” allowing short 15-second video clips to be captured and the best frame selected; four times zoom; and “Collage,” where one picture is split into separate sections comprised of different images. The SQ20 takes advantage of Fujifilm 62-millimetre square format film format that is significantly larger than traditional Instax prints enabling more creativity and flexibility while shooting. A small mirror at the front makes selfies a breeze, as does the two shutter buttons on either side of the camera. Unlike the outgoing SQ10, a built-in lithium-ion battery means you can charge on the go.

    Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

    Pretty much most electronic devices are smart these days, so why not your toothbrush, too? Philips infuses some neat tech into the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart, which using Bluetooth and special mobile app is able to provide personalized coaching and feedback. There are three unique brush heads included – one each for plaque control, gum car and stain removal – that possess built in sensors to detect how you are brushing, and send alerts in real time if too much pressure is being applied or if a zone has been missed. The DiamondClean Smart comes with a premium rinsing glass doubling as a wireless charging base. Also in the box are a handy travel case and a compact plastic stand.

    Mixcder E7

    Usually when active noise cancelling (ANC) is in the description of a pair of Bluetooth headphones, one can expect the MSRP to be in the triple digits. Not so in the case of the Mixcder E7s, retailing well under $100. In addition to ANC and wireless connectivity, these affordable units have all the bells and whistles of pricier competitors such as big 40-millimetre driver units delivering deep bass; a built-in microphone for hands-free calling; extended 20-hour battery life (or plug in the included stereo cable for unlimited operation); and comfortable ergonomic ear pads. When seeking a quiet, immersive audio experience, just turn on ANC to silence external noises through a reverse sound wave generation process via an integrated computer chip, leaving you with pure auditory bliss.


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