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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Indian Modernism

By Shweta Kulkarni, 01 Oct, 2021
  • Indian Modernism

Striking A Balance Between Indian & Contemporary Style


Indian Modernism is one emerging décor trend that is creating quite a stir in the interior designing world. While the term — Indian Modernism — may appear complex, the idea behind this elegant décor trend is pretty simple — it is all about aesthetically striking a balance between traditional Indian and contemporary style.

India being a potpourri of culture, histories, regions infusing a quintessential Indian style décor into spaces can be quite a daunting task, especially if one also wants to stay in tune with the evolving décor trend. The masterful fusion of Indian Modernism helps you to enjoy the distinctive Indian charm in a fresh milieu.

Also, popular as Indian Modern, this design style is not only ideal for homeowners who are stuck with the dilemma of opting for either Indian classical décor or chic contemporary spaces, but it also brings a refreshingly elegant vibe to any space by retaining old-world charm in a modern setting.

The trending décor style essentially blends materials belonging to different eras – old and new – to achieve something novel. The emphasis on combining simple straight-lined spaces with vibrant colours and patterns through textiles, antiques, and decorative pieces, remains at the root of this trend.

So, if this modern-traditional style with its Indian roots and international appeal has caught your fancy, here’s how you can infuse Indian Modernism into your home…




Welcome The Wicker

Wicker furniture made from cane and rattan has been part of Indian homes for centuries and one sure shot way to incorporate Indian Modernism into your home is by including furniture or pieces made by these native, eco-friendly materials. While wicker furniture with its natural materials creates an earthy and light feeling, it also has a very uber cool and stylish appeal making it ideal to include in your Indian Modernism space. Place a stylish side table alongside a wicker sofa, use a rattan sideboard and adorn the wall above it with modern wall décor like a huge gold finish mirror. There are several ways to incorporate wicker furniture in between all things contemporary. Right from a classic cane chair and couches, to rattan bedhead and cane stool, to rattan cabinets to can baskets — the possibilities to bring these sustainable, intricate and timeless pieces into your Indian Modernism décor are endless. One simple, comfy and cool way to bring wicker into your ambience is to invest in a cosy wicker swing. Given that jhulas aka swings are typical to Indian houses, this addition is sure to spruce up your Indian Modern space.


Marry Old & New

The very essence of Indian Modernism is to embrace contemporary styles without losing the old-world charm. Understanding the fact that this design style is a beautiful melange of two styles is the key to get it right. Play around, get creative, match a contemporary sofa with a haveli-style vintage chandelier. Bring in your grandfather’s good ol’ rocking chair and set it within a modern layout. It can act as a beautiful accent piece, taking your décor style up by several notches. Even that heirloom trunk, which is lying somewhere in the corner of your house gathering dust can serve as a classic centre table juxtaposed with modern solid wood furniture. Design your work nook with antique study table and an en-vogue chair… Basically, vintage furniture, lights, accessories or any other piece that is reminiscent of yesteryear glory, allows you to infuse Indian Modernism into your space. Just remember, to strive for balance and not clutter the space.

Blend The Layouts

Indian Modernism reflects in the fusion of modern designs and traditional elements and another way to get that perfect balance is to use Indian flooring with modern furniture or vice-versa. Terrazzo tiles or the traditional handmade tiles from India with contemporary furniture can instantly raise the style quotient of your home, similarly, modern flooring solutions with tastefully incorporated antique furniture can also create magic.


Play With Fabrics, Prints & Texture

Bring out the ethnic vibe in your modern apartment by using cushions, bedspreads, throws, curtains with Indian prints and patterns. Make floor seating arrangements by utilizing handwoven rugs with either ethnic motif or modern linear patterns, further throw ottomans or pouffes in solid colours complementing the rugs. Further, enhance the look of your space by using cushions and bolster in a contrasting colour. Play with fabrics and texture, while hand-painted and block printed cotton fabrics are a rage, one can also play around with textures like silk and khadi to add desi depth to a modern space. Likewise, geometric and contemporary prints can also be used with wicker or Indian vintage furniture to striking a balance between classical and modern styles.

Bring In The Light & Green

Modernism is essentially about bright airy spaces and the key to get your Indian Modern style on point is to allow a lot of natural light in your house to brighten up the space. Using sheer curtain with Indian prints can further augment the Indian Modernism vibe in your house. And lastly, to further add a freshness, adorn your space with lots of versatile indoor plants. Tastefully use antique and modern vases and planters to have the perfect fusion of the two styles.

Embrace Colour, Art, & Antiques

India has a rich heritage and a typical Indian interior design heavily draws inspiration from the host of vibrant cultures. When adopting Indian Modernism into your spaces don’t shy away from bringing in some trademark elements from India’s diverse culture. Achieve design aesthetics by adorning your walls with wallpapers with India motifs and add a dash of modernism by edgy sconce light fixtures. Use Indian artworks and brass antiques alongside avant-garde furniture to achieve an ultimate Indian-modern look. India is all about colours, incorporate some bright hues to enhance the look of your abode. Use tribal folk art, Indian paintings, handcrafted wall art, to bring in the traditional scape. Contrary, you can also use modern art around the house if the furniture has a traditional vibe. Magically transform your plain walls by hanging minimalist décor pieces or photographs with rustic frames in gold or brass colour to add a dash of Indianness to the modernist tone of this area. Remember, it’s all about blending two styles aesthetically. Also, keep in mind to show restraint and not overkill the vibe by overdoing everything.


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