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Meet Miss Teen International Canada 2022 - Samriddhi Singh

Dikshita Nahar Darpan, 23 Jul, 2022
  • Meet Miss Teen International Canada 2022 - Samriddhi Singh

Beauty with a purpose is what Samriddhi Singh embodies. While the world is filled with low self-esteem and most are constantly feeling that they   are not good enough, Singh is working towards making people love themselves a little more.

Samriddhi Singh is a 19 year old Vancouver -based actress, model, self-love educator, violence prevention facilitator and a pageant coach. She is the first teen to be representing Canada at the Miss Teen International pageant that is set to take place this year in Ecuador.

Ever since childhood, she knew that she wanted to be an actor. She loved everything about acting and hence she started acting in theater productions with the Surrey Youth Theater Company at the age of six. This gave her wings to achieve her dream of being an actor. In 2015, she joined the Delta Film Academy and took up the opportunity to be a part of several short films with them. She also played the role of a photo double for a popular Netflix series a few years later. Later upon graduating high school in 2020, she played the role of the villain in the children’s feature film - The Key To Christmas that opened up various avenues for her. Following this, she signed on to a major acting agency in Vancouver. She went on to finish her post-secondary education in film and television acting and has also been a part of another Netflix series.

Apart from acting, she has also been a part of beauty pageants and has various laurels to add to her achievements. At the age of 14, she was crowned as the Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2017, which also happened to be her first-ever beauty pageant. She was the 1st runner up of Miss Teen Canada 2020. She has also been crowned as Miss Personality British Columbia 2022 and Miss Teen International Canada 2022. This October 2022, she is going to be representing Canada at the biggest teen international pageant - Miss Teen International in Ecuador. While these achievements are inspiring and worth applauding, her journey has not been easy. She started her beauty pageant journey five years ago with an aim to provide representation for the South Asian Community and people with eczema. Growing up, she didn’t find anyone with eczema competing in beauty pageants, modeling or even being featured prominently in the media industry. This lack of representation was the driving force that molded her to become a person who spreads body positivity and helps others feel good about themselves. 

Rewind back to five years where she wasn’t allowed to be a model because of her height and skin condition - eczema, but now, she is walking the ramp in fashion shows and is now representing 38 million people of Canada on the global level. All this is a result of her hard work and passion for acting as well as spreading the message of self-love and body positivity. As a vocal advocate of body positivity and self-love, she believes that everyone is worth achieving their dreams and not be discriminated against or affected by what others think or make us feel about us. In 2017, she started hosting self-love workshops for girls in the South Asian community where she teaches girls and young women how to love themselves, how to become confident in their body and how to accomplish their goals through self-love. Due to her skin condition of eczema, she never felt confident in her own skin and who she really was and that severely affected her mental and physical health. It took her a lot of work to build her self-esteem and feel good about who she is.

Now, through the self-love workshops she teaches people the techniques and tips to build up their self- confidence that has helped her and encourages them to love themselves first. In the past these workshops have been done through women centers as well as online platforms and she recently started hosting them in schools as well. These workshops have been a vital resource for improving women’s mental health in the South Asian community. Apart from these, she also is a Violence Prevention Facilitator and a beauty pageant coach where she aims to give guidance to women from the South Asian community and people with skin conditions. 

In terms of what the future holds, she is excited to be representing Canada at the  Miss Teen International pageant in Ecuador. She hopes to make her mark in Hollywood as well as Bollywood and continue to pave the way for other young girls to give wings to their dreams while spreading love and positivity.


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Meet Winner of the 2021 BC Medal of Good Citizenship:  Aditi Kini

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From Local to Global:  Sikh Health Foundation

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A Symbol of Selfless Service:  The Tradition of Langar

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