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Adrian Joseph Darpan, 15 Mar, 2014
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Scanadu Scout
Scanadu Scout is a sensor packed scanner that will enable you to check your health as easy as an email. Measure fluctuations in our body temperature, blood pressure, oximetry, ECG, HRV, stress and urine. The device includes a sensor for cardiopulmonary noise and assist technology that helps visually impaired people use the device. Effortless to use, “simply place the Scanadu Scout to the forehead like a mother’s hand,” says the company. It’s your information where it belongs, at your fingertips, free to share with physicians and others to take health to a new level. Discover how medicines, activities, foods, beverages, people, locations, activities, foods and beverages affect your body. Find problems, make connections, spot trends and be healthier. The scanner for consumers will be available for $199 and begin shipping by end of March.  A doctor in you pocket ready to deliver medical information so you can know yourself best. Scout’s honour.
Skulpt Aim
▫▪  Body composition & muscle quality analyzer
▫▪  Uses Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM)
▫▪  EIM is based on how current flows differently in healthy muscle than in sick muscle
▫▪  Measure the quality of muscle easily and painlessly
▫▪  Instantly get the fat percentage/muscle quality
▫▪  User-friendly experience
▫▪  Real-time feedback with a touch of a button
▫▪  Rechargeable, durable and portable
▫▪  Let your muscles speak for themselves 
▫▪  Retails for $135
▫▪  A touch of your finger to monitor fitness and wellness
▫▪  Tracks Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level
▫▪  Respiratory Rate 
▫▪  Heart Rate Variability – simply said, HRV is used as a basis to monitor your level of relaxation
▫▪  Share results with friends or the world 
▫▪  Measurements saved and trended into graph format
▫▪  Easily export data for further analysis 
▫▪  About 10 grams and 32x7x42mm 
▫▪  Tinké fits in your pocket, wallet, etc
▫▪   $119 USD with free shipping to many countries
Kiwi Move
Kiwi Move is ready to suit a variety of human needs and offers valuable insight. This multi-use device is capable of running numerous sensor-based apps and has a great range of applications from sports training, physiotherapy, personal wellness, lifestyle improvement, automation and many more. It measures sleep, activity and steps walked, but crucially features an open API that would allow it to control just about any device, which can receive instructions from the Internet or a smartphone, and is compatible with Android and iOS phones. Via WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity it could control your lights, thermostat or coffee maker. With a 50-150 ft. range from your phone depending on the environment/router (if on wifi). Expected to ship worldwide July 2014, The Kiwi Move is available for pre-order now on their website: for $99.
▫▪ World’s thinnest wireless charger plate 
▫▪ Works with all Qi-enabled devices. 
▫▪ Enabling your mobile devices to be truly mobile
▫▪ Single discreet LED indicator leaves you undisturbed in your slumber
▫▪ USB cable tucks away with an invisible magnet, a feature of the award winning, sleek design which is definitely a selling point 
▫▪ When they say mini, they mean it with a “thickness” of 9mm
▫▪ US $79.99, ships anywhere.
Switch Infinia
▫▪ Award-winning LED light bulbs
▫▪ LQD Cooling System, with up to 40 per cent better thermal performance than air-cooled LED bulbs
▫▪ For residential and commercial lighting applications
▫▪ 300° light distribution, full radiance, same light distribution and performance as an incandescent
▫▪ Any fixture, any orientation, including enclosed, providing warm light – 2700K 
▫▪ Up to 85 per cent saving in energy costs 
▫▪ Lifetime residential and 3-year commercial warranty
▫▪ New approach to home security
▫▪ No installation is required 
▫▪ Controlled from your smartphone 
▫▪ Learns over time, giving you instant access to your home from anywhere
▫▪ Ease anxiety 
▫▪ Watch over your pets
▫▪ Easily monitor and track data from many sources
▫▪ Temperature, air quality, humidity, activity (video, audio & movement) and more
▫▪ Pre-order Canary for only $199, starts shipping in Summer 2014
New Movements & Developments

New School 

MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) make tuition and location less of a barrier to education. When combined with gamification of training, existing hardware like the Xbox and PS3 can be utilized for advanced immersive simulations aka Ender’s Game.
Move towards quality, online free education from various sources like Khan Academy’s free archive of instructional videos to Coursera (for-profit educational technological company offering massive open online courses) partnerships with MIT and Harvard. Organizations such as Peer-to-Peer University (non-profit online open learning community) and Course Hero (online educational platform) are viewed as similar to MOOC’s work outside the university system or emphasize individual self-paced lessons. Udemy (educational platform for online courses) allows teachers to sell online courses, with the course creators keeping 70-85 per cent of the proceeds and intellectual property rights.
Some numbers about Massive Open Online Courses:
▫▪ edX offers 94 courses from 29 institutions around the world with 1.3 million users
▫▪ Udacity’s CS101, with an enrollment of over 300,000 students, is the largest MOOC to date
▫▪ Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Online launched the first MOOC in Indonesia with the first course entitled Entrepreneurship Ciputra Way with over 20,000 registered members
▫▪ Eliademy is localized to more than 19 languages
▫▪ iversity is a MOOC provider in Germany with over 82,000 students.
▫▪ In Ireland, ALISON provides free online certificate/diploma courses to 2 million learners worldwide
▫▪ Coursera has over 5 million users
▫▪ For more information on Massive Open Online Courses, visit
Or, rely on good ol’ Youtube. I am currently watching the exquisite Robert Sapolsky lectures on Human Behaviorial Biology via the Stanford University channel.

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Auto Gadget Tech: SEMA Showcases Cutting-edge Technology for the Automotive World

Auto Gadget Tech: SEMA Showcases Cutting-edge Technology for the Automotive World

Held in Las Vegas every year, SEMA (Specialty  Equipment Manufacturers Association) showcases the latest and greatest products in the aftermarket automotive world. The latest iteration of the show was no exception with lots of goodies on display that over 60,000 buyers couldn’t wait to get their hands on. Here are some of our top picks.

Samsung’s Answer to Google Glass- Galaxy Glass

This year will be an important year in the technology world with the entire buzz pertaining to a latest eye wear gadget. Google Glass was on top of the game until now but it seems that Samsung too has dived in to splash some good competition in this genre.