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Wedding Story: Amy & Jag

Darpan News Desk, 20 Mar, 2018

    Our relationship is a priority and we have an awareness of the amount of effort needed to maintain a healthy marriage. 


    How did you meet? 

    A: We met at a mutual friend’s get together. I was actually trying to play “bacholi” between Jag and a friend of mine. However, everyone except me noticed I was flirting with Jag. On the way home my friend kept telling me to date Jag as we had obvious chemistry. I was in denial, even though I was drawn to him, I refused to admit it to myself that night. Years went by and we reconnected through email which eventually led to dating each other. According to Jag it was “the force” (Star Wars) that brought us together.   

    Could you share your proposal story?

    A: Jag had orchestrated a whole day to re-enact our first date and revisit some of our favourite places to reminisce. Prior to executing his plan, he wanted to show my family how he valued the new relationship. So he met with my family to ask permission to marry me. Despite all of his effort, Jag accidently left some details about the ring on his coffee table and I happened to notice it. The cat was out of the bag. We went back and forth on waiting for the planned proposal versus that moment. We compromised, he proposed during that moment and I agreed not to have the ring until he carried out his nostalgic proposal.    

    Describe your wedding day. What was your favourite moment?

    A: Our wedding day was a traditional Sikh ceremony at the gurudwara. Our favourite moment was first look, it was an opportunity for Jag and I to share a private (with photographers) moment before the actual ceremony. It is hard to have that initial eye contact with each other during a Sikh ceremony as the groom is facing forward at the gurudwara when the bride enters. This definitely took extra planning and we couldn’t have done it without our planners (Ayda Productions) our videographers (Brellow) and photographer (Z-Molu).

    Could you tell us about your reception?

    A: We had our reception the next day, keeping it intimate surrounded by people who love us made it a fun and relaxed event. We felt it was important to focus on subtle details that our guests would enjoy – having a separate photobooth and dessert from our favourite place, Ernest Ice-cream. We also wanted to have our guests dance all night and DJ Ace from Decibel Entertainment kept everyone on their feet until 3 am. 

    Can you describe your outfits?

    A: For the wedding ceremony Jag wore a white achkan with red velvet shawl from Sunny’s Bridal. I wore a beige and maroon lengha by Jyoti Sharma and I kept my jewellery simple yet traditional. For the reception Jag wore a Tom Ford suit with a bow tie and I wore a navy blue lengha with mirror embroidery from Sunny’s Bridal with minimalist jewellery.

    Where did you honeymoon?

    A: We didn’t plan on a honeymoon right away as we spent time with our out-of-town guests. A few weeks after the wedding we decided to look into honeymoon ideas. 72hrs later we were packed and on a flight to Bali for three weeks. We explored the island travelling to different locations. Spontaneously, we decided to explore Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, small islands off the coast of Lombok. Sometime the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all!

    What are your goals as a couple?

    A: Individuality has always been important to the both of us; encouraging our individual interests strengthens us as a couple with complementary experiences. We also value not thinking alike, but to think together. Basically, we support each other and foster our individual and team ambitions. It works for us.

    What are the strengths of your marriage?

    A: Commitment would be our strength not only to each other, but in everything we do. Our relationship is a priority and we have an awareness of the amount of effort needed to maintain a healthy marriage. 

    If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?

    A: We would certainly encourage couples to read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book simplifies the different ways in which we define and receive love. We often express love in the way we view it and fail to understand our partner’s love language.  
    Photos: Z Molu Photography


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