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Earthy tones to art deco themes – spruce up your homes with the latest trends

Mrinalini Sundar Darpan, 31 Mar, 2023
  • Earthy tones to art deco themes – spruce up your homes with the latest trends

When you’re building a home, they say to choose every piece you buy with utmost care and thought, as you will live for a long, long time. But there are elements in our homes that you don’t relate to or wear out owing to their longevity. While it is impossible to keep changing the look of your house every year based on the new trends, we could do with some ideas from what this year's trends offer. Here are some...

Earthy tones

One might have reservations about the Kardashians, but they sure know how to deck up their homes. If you look at the most famous Kardashian, Kim’s home, you will notice that she swears by earthy tones, a popular home trend in 2023. From her wall paint to dishes and the décor – Kim seems to have mastered the movement of earthy tones. Earthy tones are your bet if you are a fan of minimalistic looks. Shades of brown, mauve, pink and creamier whites are in.

Fabric lighting

Some time ago, fabric lighting took the lighting scene by storm; it looks like it’s making a resurgence. The soft tone and ambient glow will add a contemporary vibe to your place. You could either go for printed fabrics or plain ones, depending on the theme of your home. Create pretty corners by adding these lights, sure to add exquisiteness to the home.

Art deco theme

If you love rich colours, licentious details and geometrical decorative details – go in for an art deco theme. While it may be a vintage style, they sure bring a lot of glamour and luxury to your space. The colours of this style include deep reds, pinks, greens, yellow and softer beiges. If you’re going for art deco, ensure the furniture, fabrics and lighting are in sync with the colours. With these in place, you’re making a big statement in the interior design space.

Go chic with your workspace

Sure, work can get monotonous and boring sometimes, but the workspace shouldn’t, right? And luckily, there is no dearth of inspo when you’re designing your workspace. If you’re going in for the chic look, you’re sorted. Home décor stores give you plenty of options when you’re going in for the chic look. Hang large pieces of art, buy pretty trash cans and stationery holders, outline the space with rugs that go in the theme, and lastly, invest in unique furniture that is both stylish and work-friendly.

Nature light galore

In an ideal situation, we’ll all be blessed with a spacious home with plenty of natural light play in places we most need – kitchen and living room. But well, if we’re not, we can always play with the space to bring in the natural light. Frankly, dungeon-y and cave-like spaces aren’t the positive outlook we need in our lives. In order to bring in some light, make some changes to bring more natural light to your space. Going in for a white theme and changing your darker dishes to their lighter cousins are sure to do the trick. Yes, they’re sure to burn a hole in your pocket, but look at this as a one-time investment.

Curves and arches

If you’ve binged watched the latest season of White Lotus, you’d notice that the Italian décor was all about curves and arches. Famous interior decorators usually add a curve to make the room look more inviting and cozy. Many a time, the horizontal and vertical lines can get a little wearisome. Adding these versatile curves and arches brings about an organic change to the otherwise dull space. However, these work only if you have large spaces. But if you still want to try it out, you can do so by buying curved mirrors or a wardrobe to see how it looks.  




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