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Plaid It Safe This Winter 

BY Mrinalini Sundar , 21 Nov, 2019

    Mix and match between scarves, jumpers, coats, suits, skirts, to showcase grunge, punk or bohemian fashion.

    Plaid or tartan is a classic, versatile pattern that has been embraced by almost all the top fashion brands from around the world. Think high-end brands like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and Tommy Hilfiger. The design that originated in Britain in the 3rd century AD still finds a place in the fashion space and is one of the top trends of winter 2019.

    The pattern also draws roots from Scotland in the form of Highland dress that is characterized by tartans. In fact, it is the symbolic national dress of Scotland. According to Sandeep Ravi, a New York-based designer, “Tartan’s history tells a story about identity, used to differentiate one Scottish clan from another. This versatile print was seen all over the runway this season, with each designer interpreting it in different ways. From hefty buffalo checks to exaggerated glen plaid the print adapts itself to any style be it mid-length skirts, sculpted blazers, over-sized outerwear to just sneakers. You can always pair this style with denim for a casual day out or pair it with another co-ordinate tartan print,” he says.

    This timeless trend is a perfect camouflage-style especially this winter. Mix and match between scarves, jumpers, coats, suits, skirts, to showcase grunge, punk or bohemian fashion. Bright, vibrant, and attractive, plaid prints come in different variants ranging from the most popular and the easiest to identify Royal Stewart to Gingham which is just simple light-coloured squares. The other popular prints include Black Watch, Old Campbell also known as Government Sett, and Burberry (no prizes for guessing the signature brown pattern). For something more colourful, check out Madras, that can be traced back to Chennai.

    Here’s how you can rock the checks this winter:

    Hug Your Jackets

    A light-weight woollen delight is a wardrobe essential this winter. Let your attire scream sophistication with a little mix-and-match. A tartan jacket with a plain blouse, boyfriend jeans and boots is how you nail a look. Don’t hesitate from experimenting by sporting a plaid jacket on a leather dress or a skirt. Also in favour, this season is the longline coat. Whether you are wearing a dress or simple denim and a tee, this can fix any look! 

    Drape That Scarf

    Add spunk to the most mundane clothes by draping a soft, purled ended tartan scarf, this winter. We are talking a multi-coloured scarf – this shield of warmth is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. How does a pairing of chiffon skirt, a simple plain silk top, and a scarf sound? 

    Skirts And More

    A tartan skirt is as 1950ish as it can get. Imitate the Betty Draper style of fashion with a tartan skirt and pair it with a turtleneck shirt. Want something hotter? Try a red and black mini pleated kilted skirt. If you want to take the unconventional route then opt for a yellow and black skirt instead.

    Trendy Trousers

    This might just become your favourite outfit this winter. Wear a pair of tartan trousers for any occasion – an evening party or an office meeting. Throw in a blouse or a matching plaid jacket, waistcoat, or a subtle jumper, we bet you are melting the snow with your sizzling style. From a straight-leg tartan trouser to slim, regular, or wide leg, these trousers are going to crawl into your wardrobe. Be a showstopper wearing a suit with matching prints. A tartan suit can be sassy and is on top of the trend game. 

    Poncho Love

    This winter put your best fashion foot forward wearing a lightweight poncho/cape. Let your Royal Stewart poncho be a conversation starter on those brutally cold days. For something more subtle, go with pastel-shaded ponchos. Grab eyeballs in a finesse cashmere poncho and pair them with cigarette pants. 

    Play Dress Up

    Bring out the diva inside you by opting for one of these – shift, shirt, high neck or a wrap dress in tartan prints. If you want to play it safe, you could go with just a simple gown. An off-shoulder tartan dress and a woolen hat can be perfect for a chilly date night. An A-line cut dress with a heavy-duty belt around your waist adds a touch of class to your look. Polish it off with a pair of standout stilettos. Our favourite is the plaid pinafore dress – cute yet swanky! 

    Accessories Unlimited

    Checkered flower earrings, bow-tie hair bands, and clips, handbags, shoes, caps, oh, the list can go on. There is so much you can do with the tartan prints when it comes to accessories. A word of caution: don’t go overboard; mix and match these accessories with your clothes wisely. 


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