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Vesta Properties: Investment Opportunities in Alberta

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 31 Mar, 2023
  • Vesta Properties: Investment Opportunities in Alberta

"What is attracting the majority of the newcomers is the relative affordability of housing in Alberta,."-AJ van der Linden, Alberta Sales Manager at Vesta Properties

Looking to invest in real estate for rental income and gain equity? Alberta might just be the best bet right now, as even with elevated interest rates, overall conditions in Alberta make it one of the most enticing places in Canada to invest or even settle down to build a life.

Alberta’s recent GDP growth, increasing population and a resultant boom in new jobs across different industries, is what makes it an attractively affordable province for newcomers and migrants from other parts of Canada. 

Cities such as Calgary and Airdrie are poised for positive economic and population growth in 2022 and 2023. In fact, Calgary was ranked the third most livable city in the world last year by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU). Migration to Calgary has since skyrocketed. That strong population and job growth are expected to bring the unemployment rate down, drive business creation, and boost consumption.

“What is attracting the majority of the newcomers is the relative affordability of housing in Alberta,” says AJ van der Linden, Alberta Sales Manager at Vesta Properties. And this diversified homebuilding and development company has always been a big believer in Alberta’s potentials.

Vesta Properties is an integrated builder/developer with over 32 years’ experience building primarily master-planned communities within BC & Alberta. A pioneer in building sustainable and self-sufficient communities, Vesta is known to offer high quality homes along with high end amenities, proximity to schools, shopping, services, and transit accessibility.

“Locally here in BC, Vesta is the exclusive builder and developer behind Latimer Heights, the largest master planned community in Langley’s history with more than 2,000 new home styles including Langley’s very first two high-rise towers” van der Linden says. 

In Alberta, Vesta already has three major land developments under its belt. It all started with Luxstone in Airdrie in 1999. Today, Southpoint in south Airdrie, and Copperstone in south Calgary, as well as a new community inside the Cooper’s Crossing, set to begin sales in Fall 2023, continue Vesta’s legacy of building top quality, affordable, stylish homes in master-planned, family-friendly communities.

Copperstone and Southpoint, its two 70-Acre master-planned communities currently selling in Alberta, offer homes that provide excellent investment opportunities. 

Copperstone, located in SE Calgary, offers Modern Single-Family homes that can come with the added investment option of a Legal Income Suite. Copperstone also offers 2- or 3-bedroom townhomes starting from under $400,000. 

Southpoint is located in Airdrie and is just a few minutes north of the boundary with Calgary. Here buyers can find six unique investment home options including Back-to-Back or Urban Townhomes, Rowhomes, Duplex or Single-Family homes, each offering unique investment options starting from under $400k. Southpoint also offers unique outdoor amenities including a basketball court, tennis court, dog park, picnic areas, children’s play areas and toboggan hills. 

“We have recently announced the addition of Southpoint Village, a 38-acre master-planned commercial development which will be located directly east of the Southpoint residential site. The commercial development will feature big box stores as well as smaller boutique style shops and services, a restaurant alley, offices, Automall and centralized pond with a boardwalk perfect for an evening stroll of bike ride,” says van der Linden. This future development can only boost the growth prospects of your investment here.

“Our home prices in Alberta are significantly lower compared to those in BC, however what is most important is our home prices in the greater Calgary region are on the rise, making investing here even more appealing,” says van der Linden.  

Along with this affordability, Alberta offers stable infrastructure, top schools, friendly people, easy access to the Rockies, and overall quality of life that lets Calgarians enjoy an enviable lifestyle. “There’s nowhere else right now that’s a better place to build a life and raise a family,” van der Linden says.

Whether investors are looking to rent out an entire home with an added income suite in the basement, invest in a rental townhome, or even choose to create income with an Airbnb unit, Vesta Alberta has the style of homes to fit your investment needs.  

“Vesta believes in securing your investment by securing the best locations in the right neighbourhoods and building quality homes so we can deliver the best lifestyle and investment value in every community we build,” he adds. “Our planning, design and building processes create superior value and a smart investment opportunity.”

Calgary is well ahead of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for home price attainability and overall lower cost of living. “We can hope for Airdrie to join the big city league in the future as growth in Alberta stays steady. Investment in Alberta may be the boom you have needed in your investment portfolio,” van der Linden says.

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