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Darpan News Desk, 25 Sep, 2020

Making sure your design-build project is 'smooth-sailing' from start to finish, that is where Counterpoint Projects Inc. comes into the picture.

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You envision the grand opening of your brand-new business or office, a beautifully designed and fresh new space. However, all the minute details are vague in your mind.

Making sure your design-build project is 'smooth-sailing' from start to finish, that is where Counterpoint Projects Inc. comes into the picture. The sky is the limit when it comes to one's dreams and aspirations of achieving great things in life, but building a solid foundation is key to making these goals not only accessible but successful. This is certainly the case for Counterpoint Projects Inc., an industry leading design build firm specializing in commercial interior design and construction management.

The company has been in business for over 30 years making it one of the oldest design and build firms in Vancouver. They're a one-stop shop catering to all your build and design needs, the team at Counterpoint takes care of it all. Whether your space is for office use or medical, modern retail to industrial, no space is too large or too small. Keep your stresses at bay, there will be no need to fuss over city permits, design or even construction while the Counterpoint team is on the project. Every space is of the utmost importance to the company so the objective is simple, go above and beyond exceeding all expectations, leaving you with only your anticipation and growing excitement for your new businesses opening day.

Counterpoint believes in making your vision a reality. They will not only work with your pre-existing space or one you may have in mind but also find you a suitable space if need be, helping make your vision come true. The in-house team of designers will develop a space plan and select the appropriate furniture for both your current needs and future growth in mind. While business ethics may be key, the team at Counterpoint understands the importance

of having space created where not only clientele feel welcomed but where employees are productive, happy and can flourish. They balance practicality with aesthetics.
The driving force behind the trusted Counterpoint brand are the three partners, Suraj Gehla, Sabi Bining and Mikhail Moore. All together they have more than three decades of combined experience between them in the fields of business, design, engineering and consulting. As a team they have taken on projects that range from $50,000 to as much as $50 million. These three friends have collaborated as partners for Counterpoint Projects Inc. and each bring their own individual knowledge and experience to the table.

Suraj Gehla has a background in civil engineering and construction management. Gehla worked with PCL Construction for 13 years and his expertise lies in successfully executing large-scale projects. Sabi Bining has a master's degree in Business. Sabi is the President and CEO of the Bining Health Care Inc., a conglomerate which operates Western Canada's largest health care centers in BC.

Mikhail Moore has an engineering consulting background. A decade ago, Mikhail founded an engineering consulting firm specializing in building science. He has single-handedly carried out projects with some of the largest developers in Vancouver, as well as government organizations.

“Counterpoint brings solid expertise on both the project and business side and they aspire to be recognized as the leader of design-build firm of your choice. There is no back and forth with clients once you decide, we focus on your project while you focus on your business. We make things happen with skill of practicality while keeping costs down, deliver on-time and always with full integrity,"says Sabi Bining.

The organization has a great vision and wants to broaden its horizons by showcasing its portfolio to Surrey. Surrey is the fastest growing city not just in the Lower Mainland but is also on the map as a prospering city in all of Canada. “We have a great relationship with developers in the lower mainland and have worked with a number of Surrey based companies expanding their operations in both office, hospitality and industrial projects," says Gehla.

While speaking to Darpan Magazine, Gehla emphasized that he is a Surrey resident and that he is also raising his young children in Surrey. He understands the needs of a growing city, both from a construction and a design point. He feels the team at Counterpoint can be instrumental in shaping the future of the City of Surrey for firms and corporations as a whole.

Moore added, Counterpoint takes pride in what it does and delivers the best to customers. “If you are not happy with something, we will never turn you away, we are always there for you to make sure you get the most for the money invested. Customer satisfaction and building great relationships with our clientele is what we are all about."
Counterpoint Projects Inc. has been recognized as the top interior design-build firm for years in the Vancouver market with its numerous awards and accolades.
The design philosophy behind Counterpoint is simple: they create a space that is ideal for work and play while putting you at ease, creating connectivity and joy. To make your dream a reality and bring your vision to life, reach out to Counterpoint, a brand backed by exceptional leadership and excellence in quality and design.

What Our Clients Say

“Our Vancouver staff love coming to work in our Yaletown offices, thanks for all your services.” - Dr. Katherine Paton

“We are a boutique law firm who utilized the services of Counterpoint to design and build our new office in Vancouver. We highly recommend Counterpoint.”- Webster & Associates

“Counterpoint’s design skills more than met our expectations; one only has to visit our place.” - Parastoo Farrokhyark, CEO Figure and Food


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Photos: AMASTERMEDIA, Contributed by Counterpoint Inc.




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