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OpenRoad Auto Group Introduces Porsche Retail Centre in Langley

Darpan, 20 Nov, 2014

    OpenRoad Auto Group, one of the largest growing automotive retail groups in Canada, has officially inaugurated its newest dealership, Porsche Centre Langley. Located in Langley Auto Collection, Vancouver's luxury auto mall, this new Porsche dealership stands as the group's 15th location in the Metro Vancouver area. Aly Jiwani, general manager, BMW Langley, MINI Langley and Porsche Centre Langley, gives us an insight about the centre and tells us about Porsche's inclusion to OpenRoad Auto Group.

    Tell us a bit about OpenRoad Auto Group and its President Christian Chia?

    Since launching the identity as OpenRoad Auto Group in 2000, we have grown to be one of the largest and fastest growing automotive retail groups in Canada. More importantly though, OpenRoad is proud to be recognized as an automotive group that is seeking to modernize the car buying and ownership experience. OpenRoad has also been recognized as one of Canada’s best employers and best managed companies. In fact, we have been recognized as one of Canada’s best 50 employers for 2014.

    We have over 800+ associates that represent 12 new car brands at 15 retail centres across the Lower Mainland of Vancouver; Porsche Centre Langley being the newest! Christian Chia, the President is an avid race car enthusiast and is in fact a race car driver himself. He is a Porsche driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup in Asia!

    Tell us about your role as General Manager at the Porsche Langley dealership?

    I oversee all aspects of the retail operations including sales, service, and parts along with helping to enhance the sales and after sales operations of the Porsche Centre. I want Porsche Langley to be seen as a centre for Porsche enthusiasts.

    How do you see the new dealership playing a role in establishing Langley as an automobile hub?

    Porsche Centre Langley is the newest member to the Langley Auto Collection which already holds 5 other luxury dealerships. I see Porsche being another choice for the consumer in the rapidly growing luxury market in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland.

    What can customers expect in terms of service and also from the dealership itself?

    Porsche is a dream car for many people. We want to help facilitate that dream purchase for people or simply a place where people can come and simply talk about their dream cars with our staff.

    We want to be seen as a hub for Porsche enthusiasts and for people who simply love cars. In fact, I only hired Porsche enthusiasts as employees of the dealership. All of my staff have a love for the brand and are passionate about the brand and its culture.

    Who is your target market?

    Everybody and anybody! Anyone from “soccer moms” to hard-core Porsche owners who take their cars to the track!

    Can you tell us more about the Porsche inclusion in OpenRoad Auto Group?

    This is our first Porsche franchise and only the 16th centre in Canada. We believe that Porsche is the top sports car manufacturer in the world and we are proud to
    represent it.

    In what aspects will the Porsche Langley dealership be different from others?

    Our staff consists only of passionate Porsche enthusiasts and understand that this is a dream purchase for many people. There is absolutely no obligation to buy a Porsche when visiting us but we want to provide that atmosphere and that experience of that “dream” with every visit that our clients make. They may not purchase or service that day or ever. But their children might.

     PHOTO: Andrew Ling, Openroad Auto Group

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