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Do It Yourself Christmas decor item ideas

Mrinalini Sundar Darpan, 26 Nov, 2021
  • Do It Yourself Christmas decor item ideas

It is that time of the year again when trees are up, halls are decked, and jingles are sung. Yes yes, Christmas is not too far away and that means you need to get ahead of time and plan Christmas decor. After all, you are going to hold parties and have family dinners - and get the house to look amazing for the holiday season.

This year, give the big shopping stores a break and spend some time making decor items. This is also a great way to take the green route and use recycled material to get innovative. Now when you have those parties, show them every tiny detail of the decor you prepared on your own!

Here are a few DIY Christmas decor items ideas.

1. Pom-Poms on the stockings:
Christmas stockings are a cute addition to the Christmas decorations. But do you know what makes it cuter? Pom-poms on stockings. Make the celebrations a lot more whimsical this year with this cutesy idea. All you need are a few woolen stockings, then you stick colourful yarn pom-poms all over them. You can choose to make it minimal or fill it up from top to bottom with colourful pom-poms, do it the way you want to and hang them from the fireplace. This is a

2. A little wooden magic:
Get rustic, raw, round wooden slice. They make for great Christmas tree decorations. But give them a crafty twist. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a car, Christmas tree, and stars. Get all your ideas out and do whatever designs you feel are right for your tree. Next, you paint them however you want. Just try to make them "Christmasy". The final step is to stick them on the wooden board. Now you can place them on a table or hang them on the tree!

3. Pine cone and cotton beauty!
Getting crafty during Christmas is a lot of fun. In fact, it can even be turned into a family activity. How about creating your own ornaments for the tree? We have a few simple and very cute ideas. Pick up a few pine cones and paint them white on the tips. You can either place them together in a corner or hang them on the tree for some snowy effects. Add a little more snow to the tree with some cotton. Get a thin wooden sheet and draw a reindeer on it, cut the shape out, and stick cotton on the body. You can paint the snow grey if you ish or leave it as is. This can be a great fun activity for the kids.

4. Orange garland:
Oranges come with an amazing accent and have a vibrant look! Tie a few dried oranges together with some leaves and make a garland out of it. You can tie this one anywhere in the kitchen and it will only add some zing and colour to the house.

5. Lamps galore:
Convert the recently bought Diwali lamps into decor items for the tree. You can also hang them around the house or in the front yard to add some festive vibes to the house. Want to be more creative? Use a few plastic cartons and fill it up with water and turn them into whimsical ice lanterns which you can display outdoors. Don't we all want a white Christmas anyway?

6. Scrabble your tree:
Christmas is an amazing time to play board games with the family. Whether it is games for the kids or for the adults - board games can bring the family together. Well, you can also make decorations with the board games. How? We are talking about Scrabble. Use the tiles and stick them on a soft board in the shape of a Christmas tree. Now that's not just it. Play a mini Scrabble and make words as you design the tree. The more festive words you use, the more amazing the tree will look!

These simple tips are easy to follow and can add that little zing to your house especially for the upcoming frost festive season! We wish you have a cheerful Christmas, and a fun-filled holiday season!    



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