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10 Winter Fashion Must-Haves

By Shweta Kulkarni, 03 Dec, 2020
  • 10 Winter Fashion Must-Haves

This winter why not amp up our fashion quotient once again and dress to the nines? 


Majority of us have practically spent the greater part of the year in the comfort of our PJs and tracksuits, courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period. But for how long can we continue to tame down our sartorial game? This winter why not amp up our fashion quotient once again and dress to the nines? Even if it is just for ourselves or a handful of people we are meeting or for those chic mirror selfies — who said dressing up was reserved only for occasions! We have put together a list of fashion must-haves, which will not only keep you warm in the coldest months but also help you make stunning style statements. So, read on…

Knee High Boots

Winter fashion is incomplete without the edgy warmth of over-the-knee boots. A wardrobe staple when the chilly air sets in, knee-high boots have always been a favourite in the fashion circuit. In fact, the knee-high boot trend has been the hottest this year, so its but natural for us to include it into our winter fashion must-haves. Extremely versatile, knee-high boots can be worn over tights or styled with dresses and skirts or leather pants or denim.

Puffer Jackets

Fashion circuit is still very much obsessed with puffer jackets, and why not, these jackets not only ensure warmth but also add panache to your look. The puffer jacket is a great idea if you crave for comfort but also want to stay ahead of the sartorial race. Available in various styles with cinched waits, deep pockets, hoodies and unconventional zipper styles, a fashion-forward puffer-jacket is a perfect combination of warmth and cosy style and an absolute wardrobe essential for winters.


Cape Coat

If cosy and chic are on your mind at the same time then make friends with cape coats this winter. Cape coats are akin to wearing a warm and comfortable blanket over your shoulder and the good news is they are hot this season. This arm-less coat not only creates beautiful silhouettes but also helps beat the winter chill.


PU Leather Coats

Faux leather coat is a classic and remains to be one of the trendiest fashion garments this season. PU leather coat is the simplest way to look chic while not letting the cold get to you. Rock your coat with slim trousers or a mini skirt or simply tie it around the waist to create a dress-like silhouette.

Winter Scarf

One of the simplest ways to look chic and keep warm during winters is to use scarves. A thick warm scarf is an essential item to beat the cold weather and if worn the right way scarves can add oodles of pizzaz to your outfit. Given the fact that plaid is still pretty much hot on the fashion circuit, you can opt for plaid or blanket scarves to accessorize your outfit. Bright hues can also help add a dash of colour and excitement to your outfit and drive away the winter blues.

Maxi Coat

Choosing the right coat as the winter chill sets in determines your biggest fashion move. We strongly recommend the ‘maxi coat’ of the 80s for this season. Hugely popular on the runways this versatile garment can be layered over any outfit, oozes comfort and spells elegance. From classic camels to whimsical prints to military styles, these long ankle-length coats come in abundant styles and can be worn during the day as well as the night. The maxi coat is sure to help you keep fashionable and warm this winter.

Quilted Skirts

The quilted trend is something to indulge in this season. Seen on the forefront at most runways this trend is exciting and is available in various hues and styles including jackets, dresses and skirts. Like a warm blanket, this style will not only keep you warm but will also help you make heads turn. Photo: Burberry



A cosy classic, the turtleneck sweater is a definite must-have this season. It can be worn on its own or can be used as an excellent foundation for layering different items to effortlessly pull-together a stunning look. One can easily team it up with skinnies, leather leggings, jackets and coats or simply layer it beneath a jumper to make a style statement. If you need one useful item in your wardrobe for winters, the turtleneck is undoubtedly your
go-to garment.

Cashmere Sweater

Nothing is as nonchalantly stylish as a cashmere crewneck sweater. Enjoy the comfort of its softness by carrying it alone or use it as a layering piece with a cute collared shirt peeking out from beneath to make a statement — the charm of cashmere sweater can never go out of fashion.

Knitted Dress

Worn as a standalone outfit or paired with a coat or jacket, a knitted dress undoubtedly is a winter essential for all the fashion loving souls. Comfortable, warm and super chic, knitted dresses in any length can never go out of fashion. In fact, knitted dresses have appeared on runways across the globe season after season and are a stylish extension of your sweaters. Give your outfit a sporty look by pairing them with sneakers or add a dash of sophistication by wearing them with boots, loafers or mules. When it is extremely windy outside and you wish for more warmth, you can combine them with leather leggings or pants.


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