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Wanderlust: Desi Vibes, International Appeal

By Shweta Kulkarni, 01 Oct, 2021
  • Wanderlust: Desi Vibes, International Appeal

All You Need To Know About Designer Sabyasachi’s Recent Collab With H&M — Beautiful, fuss-free, and above all affordable




Owning a coveted sartorial piece crafted by India’s celebrated couturier — Sabyasachi Mukerjee is every fashion devotee’s desire. And now that dream can finally come true thanks to the ace designer’s one-of-its-kind collaboration with the much-loved Swedish multinational clothing retail company — H&M.

In a fashion first move, which marked the luxury designer’s debut in high-street fashion, Sabyasachi Mukerjee has taken inspiration from India’s rich textile history and married it with easy-going modern silhouettes — quintessential to H&M, to create a whimsical collection — Wanderlust.

Launched recently, Wanderlust, as the name suggests, is inspired by travel. “Travel has always been my inspiration. When H&M asked me what I wanted to do, the first thing that came to my mind was travel. I wanted to create a travel-inspired collection,” said the designer, who has previously done interesting collabs with Asian Paints, French luxury shoemaker Christian Louboutin and American home furnishings chain Pottery Barn.

Beautiful, glamorous, fuss-free and above all affordable are the key highlights of this high-street fashion collection. A gender-fluid collection in soothing rich fabrics, Wanderlust makes a modern yet distinctively Indian statement and is perfect for fashion lovers whose style is all about keeping it chic and at the same time eclectic.

While the renowned couturier is known for his elegantly designed bridal wear, with Wanderlust, Sabyasachi has mix-and-matched and has incorporated references not just from India, but also Morocco, Istanbul and Japan. “I asked myself how a collection could journey seamlessly from a palace to a pool party. The answer was simple—it has to be easy and lightweight, a mix-and-match,” said the designer.

So, after brainstorming with his team for nearly six months, Sabyasachi finally managed to give the ready-to-wear couture a spin by creating a versatile collection, which not only echoed his Indian sensibilities but also had a contemporary appeal.

A key highlight of this collection is Indian textile and print traditions brought to life by the Sabyasachi Art Foundation, meticulously crafted and embroidery in multicultural silhouettes. The versatile collection boasts a lot of resort clothing that you can wear from morning to night and beautiful fuss-free silhouettes in soothing colours. Moreover, what works the best with Wanderlust is its simplicity which is accentuated with a few luxury essentials, making it ideal to effortlessly make stunning style statements in whichever part of the world you travel.

Sabyasachi x H&M’s Wanderlust collection comprises 22 womenswear styles, 13 menswear and 32 accessories. Breezy kaftans, unlikely co-ords set, hand-quilted lapels and waistbands, embroidered necklines, beautiful borders on skirts, chintz prints, denim, salwar kameez and even a saree with prints inspired from the designer’s hometown Kolkata, are part of this extensive collection.

When H&M approached the famous designer for a collab, Sabyasachi was particular about a few things – one it had to be a capsule that celebrated Indian aesthetics, two a large part of the production was to be done in India and last but not the least a saree had to be the part of the collection. “It was created for the Indian consumer who loves the Sabyasachi saree, but finds it unaffordable,” said the maverick designer. Further speaking about the breezy capsule, Sabyasachi said, “It’s time for India to move past its image as a manufacturing hub, and for the country’s designers to cross over into the mainstream. The country has a rich design history, rooted in traditional textiles and crafts — it is as diverse as India itself, from streetwear to bridal couture.”

The international collection, which has its soul deeply rooted in Indian traditions, is a riot of colours and print. The talented designer has infused several Indian motifs and styles inspired by Indian cultures in the Wanderlust collection. In fact, each print was hand-painted to scale and later digitally recreated by H&M. Speaking about the unique collaboration, Sabyasachi said, “The collaboration allows us to spread the Sabyasachi aesthetic to a wider audience in India and worldwide. Due to the complexities of the Covid-19 situation, we had to put the launch on hold but I’m happy to bring this ‘ready-to-wear’ collection that brings relaxed sophistication to everyday life in an understated yet glamorous style.”

Voicing equal enthusiasm for the collab, Maria Gemzell, Head of New Development, H&M said, “At H&M, we are thrilled to be able to announce our collaboration with iconic Indian designer Sabyasachi. At a time like this, we believe people value the use of homegrown crafts and textiles more than ever and that’s something no one can do better than Sabyasachi. We look forward to taking this stunning collection to as many people across the globe as we can.”

The Sabyasachi x H&M collection offers a complete fashion wardrobe for both ladies and men, including accessories. Unfortunately, while the collection is completely sold out in India, it is available in selected H&M flagship stores around the world and online. So go lay your hands on Wanderlust’s boho vibes, before it runs out from stores near you.

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