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Designer Tarun Tahiliani: The mythical paradise of Elysium

Darpan News Desk, 26 Nov, 2018

    "Fashion is individual! It could be what makes one comfortable. Indian fashion has never been about trends." - Designer Tarun Tahiliani

    In shimmering florals and weightless drapes, the mythical paradise of Elysium is recreated through the decadent lightness of Tarun Tahiliani Couture and Bridal Wear ‘18-’19 titled 'In Elysium'. The fine threadwork of traditional Indian embroidery forms the textured canvas for myriad layers of embellishment and drape. Luxurious Swarovski gems are woven into traditional embroidery techniques of chikankari, zardozi, ari and shadow-work. 
    In Elysium is a couture and occasion wear collection that celebrates the modern Indian goddess. One who embraces luxury as a way of life and encapsulates all the beautiful influences of India, today. 
    Seamless constructions of fit and fall translate throughout the menswear line of hand-embroidered muted monotones. Ivory, mauve, powder blue and tea-rose straddle one end of the solid colour-wheel, while ebony and burgundy complete the circle. 

    How do you define fashion in your own words?

    Fashion is individual! It could be what makes one comfortable. Indian fashion has never been about trends. People should be themselves and feel beautiful, by choosing what makes them feel spectacular. Styling shouldn’t be too overbearing, it should reflect the woman’s personal style. If you truly believe in your emancipation, you should want to look like yourself. That is the true spirit of being modern. 
    I think in a country like ours, which is bi-lingual, which has so many different economic strata and cultural strata; there is never any one trend.

    What is the inspiration behind the couture collection?

    After everything I’ve seen, witnessed and heard in this past year, the point of departure was lightness - the unbearable lightness of being, a spirit of freeing and clothes that reflect the emancipation and lightness of women rather than decorative bondage. To me that’s a strong metaphor. 
    To be true to our commitment, to be a new voice of tradition – to reinvent time tested techniques and many with our new continuation. To emancipate fashion – to redefine ourselves, in many facets, to blend weaves, embroidery, age old technique with a state of the art fashion as defined by the best studios in Europe. All that we were, and more and more and more!

    What is the fashion forecast for 2019?

    In my opinion, the biggest bridal trends for this and the upcoming wedding season are elegance, elegance and more elegance as opposed to being over the top. Lightness, movement, pastel colours, looking like yourself and the contemporization of being bridal. 

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