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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Style and Beauty

Break Those Plus-Size Fashion Rules

By Shweta Kulkarni, 23 Jul, 2019

    It’s about time to fearlessly toss out the conventional plus-size rule book and yet look amazing.

    Whether you are size zero or full-figured, the fashion world is constantly commanding you with its list of ‘to-dos’ and ‘not-to-dos’ and the dictums become all the more stringent if you are plus-sized. But hey, it’s about time you fearlessly defy the plus-size fashion rule book, and not just flaunt your curves proudly but also open yourself to innumerable sartorial possibilities.

    Wondering how to go about it? Well, we are going to tell you all about how to break away from the plus-size fashion rules and still look fabulous.

    Here take a look…

    Stay away from sleeveless

    As a plus-sized woman you may have heard it a million times that you shouldn’t flaunt your arms. But this is just another rule that you need to stop following religiously. Sleeveless tops and dresses are ideal for all shapes and sizes and you definitely shouldn’t stop yourself from wearing them. Go for styles that are breezy and comfortable and display your arms as much as you want.

    Crop tops are a definite no

    Well, we can understand the apprehension to wear a crop top, after all, you must have been strongly advised against it by the fashion sages, but girl, one doesn’t need a flat tummy to look fabulous in crop tops. Layer them well with jackets or try out the one with statement sleeves. Crop tops look best on voluptuous women if paired with high-waisted jeans, trousers, shorts or skirts.

    Stay away from stilettos

    Now whoever thought of this rule was definitely from the Stone Age era. As long as you can manage to walk in those killer hills, and of course, don’t mind the sore feet, stilettos can be anyone’s friends irrespective of what size you are.

    Avoid big bold prints

    Ever heard ‘big prints make you look bigger?’ Well, it’s about time to even throw this fashion maxim away. Bold and loud prints can look as amazing on plus-size girls as they do on anyone else. You can either layer them, mix them up with solid bottoms or go for a full-printed dress, just don’t hesitate to flaunt them.

    Opt for baggy clothes

    One more silly fashion dictum to throw out ASAP. The fact is baggy clothes can make any woman look out of shape. Instead, opt for clothes that not only have a good fall but also accentuate your curves, and walk out with sheer confidence and pizzazz.

    Plus-sized woman should refrain from horizontal stripes

    One conventional rule that you need to immediately toss out of the window is that ‘plus-sized women should only stick to vertical stripes. Girls, believe us, horizontal stripes certainly don’t add to your inches and it’s about time you welcome them in your wardrobe. Horizontal stripes not only look cute but if paired well can also help you make chic style statements. Note, the key here though is to find a good width, thicker stripes complement curvy women really well.

    Don’t wear shorts or miniskirts

    Another ancient rule that needs to be broken right away. Trust us, it is one of the biggest plus-size fashion myth. Voluptuous women look as good in shorts or miniskirts as any other girls. So, don’t let your legs suffocate in denims and trousers always, embrace the easy-breezy shorts with confidence. Take inspiration from plus-size models and channel your inner fashionista.

    Say no-no to sexy swimwear

    There are plenty of plus-sized models who have already proven that one needn’t shy away from sexy swimwear and it’s about time you break free too from this silly fashion rule. If you are hitting the beach or the pool, if you have the curves, confidently flaunt them in some gorgeous plus-size swimwear which are available in a variety of styles in the market.

    So gals, go ahead, chuck the plus-size fashion rule book, wear your fav prints, shorts, tops, or stripes, step out, flaunt your confidence and make some bold fashion statements right away.



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