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Gadget Trends

By Garima Goswami, 31 Mar, 2016

    Nest Learning Thermostat

    It controls heating temperature and can essentially bring down your heating bill with its smart technology. The thermostat learns household habits and accordingly adjusts temperature. Alternatively, you also have the option of controlling temperature through the app. Start saving on your energy bills with this smart product! Nest Learning Thermostat is available for purchase online.

    LG Styler

    Refresh your wardrobe with LG’s Styler. Simply leave your garments inside – suits, knitwear or dresses, and the Styler will deodorize and steam them for a fresh revitalized look. Some of the many exciting features include a moving hanger which slides right and left 220 times per minute to smoothen wrinkles and get rid of odour; true steam penetrates fabric for a sanitized finish; and pants press which adds a neat and precise crease to trousers. LG Styler can be located at a store near you or ordered online.


    This smart kettle might seem nonessential until you start using it. You can turn it on from an app and schedule timers to warm up water accordingly – no more waiting in the kitchen early morning! The app also informs you when its needs to be refilled and if you have a toddler, just get on the formula mode and iKettle will automatically boil to the required set temperature. To purchase this product, order online.


    Here is a gadget empowering you to identify chemical makeup of a variety of products including food, medication and oil. Simply scan items around you and receive an analysis on the SCiO mobile app. It’s a tiny spectrometer that easily fits in the palm of your hands. The team will be magnifying the ambit of SCiO by extending it to other everyday products such as cosmetics, clothes and soil.  The gadget is currently in the pre-order phase but will start getting shipped July 2016 onwards.

    Family Hub Refrigerator

    Samsung’s latest in line of refrigerators is a revolutionary smart appliance making you appreciate technology even more. The Family Hub Refrigerator features a Wi-Fi touchscreen, disposing you from the regular clutter of stickies, notes and calendars. With this new-generation refrigerator, you can now order groceries while streaming live music or watching your favourite drama online.  Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator will be available in Spring 2016.

    Hydrao Smart Shower

    Intended to curb wasteful consumption of water, Hydrao Smart Shower confronts you with your daily water consumption. The showerhead comes with a Bluetooth and is powered by the shower’s natural flow so you do not need an external power supply. By using coloured light, Hydrao tells you your water consumption; this information is also transmitted to an online app so you can track your performance and water savings. Pre-order service is now available online.


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