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EXCLUSIVE | Jacqueline Fernandez : Sassy & Smart

18 Mar, 2015

    In an exclusive with DARPAN, the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about her acting career, personal life and more…  

    This sassy, smart and sexy Sri Lankan beauty caught everyone’s attention five years ago with her debut film Aladin. Ever since Jacqueline Fernandez, the former Sri Lankan beauty queen entered Bollywood, there has been no looking back! She has worked her way up the ladder and has taken to Bollywood like fish to water. Nine films in, lady luck has sure beckoned on this lovely lady with plenty of meaty roles in her kitty. In an exclusive with DARPAN, the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about her acting career, personal life and more…   

    Was acting always on your mind when you were deciding a career?

    It was floating around all the time in my mind but I never intended on it being in Bollywood. I knew I wanted to do something media related, even if it was acting and felt that I would be aptly suited for this industry and nothing other than this.

    Were your folks skeptical when you decided on this career?

    Not really, I have always been really independent and my parents never interfered. Even if my decision did shock them, I would not know though if they had anything else in their mind. However they always will support me and encourage me with everything I decide to do.

    How has the journey been so far?

    Well, definitely it has been a fantasy whirlwind for me.

    You made a move from Sri Lanka to India. Were there any regrets or has it been difficult?

    Not at all, our cultures are very similar. At first, it was just difficult being away from family and friends but then I got used to it and now I am settled down enough to feel at home here.

    You have always gone for different films, and have done fewer films compared to your colleagues. Is this a conscious effort on your part?

    Well, not really, I take what comes my way if I am really excited by it. The movies I have done so far are the ones I knew I wanted to do and I just wish there were more of those kinds coming my way! I was convinced about what I was doing in my films.

    Many film actresses are also on the small screen now. Are you open to television roles as well?

    Well, language may be a bit of an issue there as in movies I can learn, rehearse and practice my lines but in television everything is quite spontaneous. So it’s not something that I could be looking at the moment.

    Your 2014 film, Kick, got you rave reviews from all. How do you think Kick benefitted your career?

    Honestly, with Kick, my career got a re-launch in Bollywood. The success of the film got me a good deal of recognition and help. I had the great opportunity to work with Salman and Sajid Nadiadwala made
    an amazing film.

    How was it working with your co-stars, many of whom have been seasoned performers?

    [It was] such an amazing experience working with different actors, Saif is such a talented actor who is always ready to help, John motivates you with his focus and dedication. Deepika is down to earth and a thorough professional. Anil Kapoor is funny, sweet and an international star, and with Ameesha we had so much fun, she's so girlie! More recently, I worked with Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Rampal who are fine and experienced actors. Ranbir speaks less on the set but in front of the camera, he is magic. He has tremendous energy within; he does not like rehearsing and is a completely natural actor. While Arjun gets completely involved in the script. He is considered amongst the serious actors. I did some workshops with Arjun before we got cracking on Roy. And Salman has been a huge inspiration for me.

    You are doing international movies as well now. Could you tell us about that?

    Yes, I am doing two international movies. I had signed both the films prior to Kick. One of the films titled Definition Of Fear has been shot in Canada. And the other film titled According To Matthew is a film about Sri Lanka. The film is in English and shot in Sri Lanka. Shooting for both the films is over and will release sometime in 2015.

    Who do you think is your biggest competitor amongst your contemporaries?

    I don’t think I’ve reached that level to have competitors yet, I still have a long way to go before that!

    What do you like doing in your free time?

    I love being a home body. I always find time to indulge in healthy cooking, baking, flower arranging, reading, writing, listening to music, and also because I travel so much, I love creating albums, it is so much fun.

    What does life mean to you?

    It means tons of happiness and health, family and friends.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    I believe in classics. I have no patience to go shopping to a store and try things on, so I end up shopping online often. When I buy a piece of jewellery or an outfit, I see wearing it even a few years down the line, it should be in fashion.

    Could you tell us about your beauty and fitness regime?

    It’s a combination of a healthy diet, and a skin-care and fitness routine. As for my food, I need some super foods like nuts, nut milks, quinoa, salads, green vegetables and fruits. I grew up in Bahrain which is always scorching hot, so I’d drink plenty of coconut water to keep myself hydrated and it worked wonders for my skin. I also take a lot of juices and smoothies. I also keep my skin hydrated by spritzing on rose, mineral or aloe vera water. I never forget my daily skincare ritual no matter how exhausted I am as we have so much make-up on our face every day.

    With fitness, initially it was only about losing weight, but now I have a holistic approach. So I practice Hatha, Ashtanga or Iyengar yoga with cardio and strength training.

    What would be your advice to youngsters who want to enter showbiz?

    Don’t have unrealistic expectations out of things, work really hard, be extremely patient, always be positive and never ever lose yourself. This is the best way to approach life and this industry.


    One thing fans don’t know about you?

    I want to own a zoo one day.

    Being sexy to you is...

    Not realizing you're sexy...

    Sexiest man alive is...


    Your dream man should be...

    Loyal, noble and old fashioned.

    The best way to woo you is...

    With Flowers.

    The one thing that puts you off in a man...

    Bad table manners.

    What Turns You on is...


    The Real Jacqueline is...


    Love to you is...

    All that’s left.

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