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Top fashion trends of 2022

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 26 Nov, 2021
  • Top fashion trends of 2022

Top fashion trends of 2022

Fashion trends change on a yearly basis. With every new season, there is a new wave of style statements that catch the eye of fashion aficionados. With 2022 fast approaching, there is a list of trends that fashion connoisseur have predicated. Here's a list of style trends that will rule the fashion book for next year. We also suggest that you hit the shopping road keeping these trends in mind. After all, who doesn't like to be at the top of the game?

1. The season of plaid:

We have loved the plaid pattern for a long time now. But there are new versions that will rock 2022. It is not just going to be about plaid skirts in the coming few months. Expect plaid suits that will match the skirt's pattern. We suggest a plaid pencil mini skirt paired with a fitting top and bodysuit and complete the look with a matching jacket. Accessorize the look with booties and stockings. Go simple with jewellery and choose pearls as they will fit the look perfectly.

2. It is all about the shiny sequins:

2022 is going to be a lot about shine and sparkle. Don't feel shy to go out of your comfort zone and get all shimmery. Be it a simple sequin shimmery top, skirt, or an entire saree. Adding a little sequin  can most certainly turn your look around. We also like accessories like potli bags and clutches that have sequin work done on it. By choosing Let every occasion be a little dazzling with shiny clothes.

3. The 2000s are back!

The fashion scene in the 2000s was altogether a different vibe. It was all about being chic, cool, and pretty all at the same time. This year saw the rise of scarf tops, all-things-butterfly, low-rise jeans, and denim-on-denim. Think of all the styles that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce introduced back in the 2000s. But they are all coming back and how! Wear a scarf top paired with ripped jeans. To complete the look, we suggest you accessorize with small, cutesy earrings and layered necklace.

4. Cut it out!

A trend that picked up in summer and is only going to see an increase in popularity is cutout dresses and skirts. We are expecting a lot of asymmetrical cuts and intricate layering and some peek-a-boo patterns. We also noticed a lot of fashion influencers take this trend seriously and sport it on Instagram. We think that cutout patterns by the waist or shoulder make for some very sexy outfits.

5. All about the pop:

Let those colours do the talking. From chili red, olive green, neon yellow, hot pink, the coming year is going to be all about the colours. Not sure how to style it? Stick to the solid hues. While at it, make sure that the colours are not clashing and complement each other giving you a solid look. Colour-blocked outfits are fun but make sure you don't go overboard. Take style inspiration from our Bollywood divas that have done it in the past and can show you just how you can paint the town with colours!

6. Fringe inspiration:

This is another trend from the 2000s that is resurfacing and is not slowing down any time soon. But this time the fringe style comes with a modern twist - it is not going to be the same fringe on boots or a leather jackets. This time around, the fringe style will be seen on jackets with zigzag patterns, on purses, and even on your skirt, top or bralette. These fringes will literally have to be combed and taken care off.

7. Flaunt that midriff:

By summer 2022, make sure you bring out your braletts, crop tops, and the sexy short tops. Why? Because it is time to flaunt that midriff. We especially like the idea of a lace bralette, paired with mom jeans and some chunky statement neck piece. If it is a little too much skin show for you, then we suggest you wear a jacket so you feel comfortable. All this put together, we believe you are going to rock that look!

Get ahead of the fashion curve that is about to pick up in the next few months with these simple tricks and tips. Having said that, fashion is all about your comfort. Choose the style and trend that best fits you and makes you feel utmost comfort.

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