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Attention Call for New Drivers by Government

Garima Goswami Darpan, 06 Feb, 2014 01:49 AM
  • Attention Call for New Drivers by Government
The Ministry of Justice recently issued a reminder call of the prevailing laws for new drivers informing them about passenger and alcohol limits. As the holiday season has commenced, the government is informing new drivers about safety related license regulations.
BC’s Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) trains the learner and novice drivers under extra conditions, which give them time to learn key road safety skills and attitudes that save lives and reduce injuries for all road users. This is pertinent as reports conclude that new drivers are more prone to crashes and one in four of their crashes results in injury or death.
Following is the set of regulations for new drivers to keep in mind while hitting the road for parties and related travel: 
• No drinking before driving! GLP drivers – whether they’re in the learner or novice stage- cannot have any alcohol in their body when they drive. Any alcohol in their system means an immediate, 12-hour driving suspension
• Keep your entourage small! Learners must have a supervisor on board who is at least 25 years old, and can only carry one other person. Novice drivers can carry only one passenger, unless accompanied by a supervisor or by passengers who are immediate family members.
• Listen for the clock to strike midnight! Learners are not permitted to drive between midnight and 5 a.m.
• Don’t go planning your party at the wheel! GLP drivers cannot use hand-held or hands-free cell phones or any other electronic devices while driving. New drivers – particularly those under 25 – use electronic devices more. This, combined with their inexperience, makes them more vulnerable to driver distraction.
• Remember this decoration year-round! Don’t forget to display an “L” or an “N” sign, as required by law, clearly visible on the back of your vehicle or inside the back window.
The government has asked experienced drivers to set a good example for their newer and younger counterparts by never drinking and driving and also sent a message saying- Remember, impaired driving can cost you your life and those of others, not to mention your license, your vehicle and a lot more – about $600 in penalties if you blow a “warn” on an approved screening device at the roadside, and more than $4,000 if you blow a “fail.”
Written by Garima Goswami, editorial assistant for DARPAN Magazine
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