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5 Unusual Things to Do in Vancouver

By Tarana Rana, 23 Jan, 2017

    Start the New Year off with a bang! Here are some quirky things to do in and around the Lower Mainland. 

    Hello, 2017. What better way to bid the old year adieu than by experiencing something new? Start your new year off with a bang by trying out some of these unusual activities and quirky locations around Vancouver. 
    Sword Play Classes 
    If your New Year’s resolution was to get more active, here’s a fun, quirky alternative than joining your local gym: take up some sword fighting classes at the Academie Duello Centre in Downtown. From rapier to longswords, pick your favourite type of combat and get moving!
    Polar Bear Swim 
    Dating back to the 1920s, this is one of Vancouver’s coolest quirky event. On the first day of each new year, about 2,500 swimmers gather down at English Bay and plunge into the icy waters for a 100 yard swim race! It takes place around 2.30pm each year, it’s free to register and there are numerous prizes to be won! 
    Movies at the Morgue
    Just when you think there’s no way to make Tuesday movie-nights more interesting….you find out that the Vancouver Police Museum screens movies at the old city morgue. Every second Tuesday of the month, you get the chance to watch classic, heart-pounding films (for $10) in a truly grisly setting – at the old Vancouver city morgue. It definitely adds an edge to movie night, especially if you’re watching a horror flick. Tickets sell out insanely fast so it’s best to book right away.
    Letter Writing Night
    Every first Thursday of the month, a quaint little stationary shop on Main is abuzz with the clickity-clack of old manual typewriters. Basically, people gather here once a month to write old-school letters on typewriters. If you like writing, old things or just enjoy different experiences, this is definitely something you should try once! There’s no need to sign up, supplies and typewriters are provided for free, and sometimes they offer hot steaming cups of tea and cookies.
    Strange Shopping
    Vancouver is home to some seriously quirky stores that are well worth a visit. For instance, Button Button in Vancouver is true to its name – with buttons available in every shape, size and colour. If you’re into antiques and oddities, visit Salmagundi West in Gastown – one of the quirkiest antique stores in the city. Here you’ll find everything from old prints to furniture and some downright weird stuff.   
    Photos: Kangsoon,,, FB pages of Vancouver Police Museum, Travel Marketing, Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay, and Salmagundi West

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