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Let the light of Diwali transform your lives

By Paarull JS Bakshi , 18 Oct, 2019

    Just like the ‘Diwali Diya’ brightens up homes, this new change for brands can brighten up their image.

    Diwali, a time for new beginnings, new hopes for many all around the world, a time where those who feel connected to the festival get together with their families and their loved ones. This is when light wins over darkness in our homes and in our lives. Being a Marketing and Public Relations professional, I feel that it is also a good time for Corporations and Personal Brands to also absorb this feeling of ‘light’, ‘new beginnings’ and ‘change.’ They should just let there be LIGHT, let Good take over Evil and make that start for a new transformation.

    Let Diwali Deliver Change

    Having worked and created personal brands for many, I feel that some are hesitant of change but what they don’t realize is that we must keep changing and evolving daily in order to stay current with the times. They must remember to brand themselves in a way which makes them inimitable until they truly stand out above the rest in their respected industry. Just like the ‘Diwali Diya’ brightens up homes, this new change for brands can brighten up their image.

    Invite Prosperity with Diwali

    They also say that when we brighten up the homes with lights during Diwali, it brings prosperity and invites the Goddess Laxmi into our lives. Goddess Laxmi represents luck, wealth and prosperity. Much like this, if corporations and personal brands should bring light to their image by branding uniquely and remember that being unique is key. This can lead to their brand to become more and more profitable. I treat the brands I create or manage much like a plant, I feel they need constant care, attention and nurturing; then one day you magically see them grow. It certainly makes people like myself very happy as we take pride in the creation of this process.

    Let Diwali shine light on Innovation

    With the brightness of Diwali, Corporate and Personal Brands can discover innovation within their brands, I feel that there is something magically unique about all brands whether they are large or small. With the help of the lights of Diwali, strategizing to innovate and to be a little better than we were yesterday can take things into a whole new direction. A new PR strategy or a new brand image perhaps can help businesses prosper and prosperity in business always leads to a happy and fulfilled corporation.

    Carve your brands in a way that they always see the light. This Diwali, bring in change, invite prosperity, show innovation and produce fulfillment into your lives. May the shining light of Diwali this year bring your brands into the light that they deserve!


    Paarull Bakshi is a Marketing and Public Relations professional who has worked on branding various corporate and personal brands. She also specializes in celebrity management, celebrity public relations, media relations and event marketing and promotions. 

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