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Shweta Kulkarni Darpan, 21 Sep, 2022
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Unlike the last two years of the Pandemic, 2022 has witnessed a variety of good films so far and looking at the slate of movies in store, it is certain that the rest of the year too, is going to be exciting for the movie business. From action-adventure films to films inspired by real-life events, we have tons of cinematic joy to look forward to. The VFX domination begins with Ranbir Kapoor’s much-awaited Brahmāstra, followed by Hrithik and Saif’s Vikram Vedha and Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu. Interestingly, all these films are inspired by Indian mythology and folklore. Then there is also the feel-good family drama Goodbye and the daring tale of a fierce woman pilot — Tejas in store for movie buffs. Clearly, there is no shortage of exciting titles in the coming months, so make sure you block your dates now.

Brahmastra: Part One - Shiva

Release date: September 9, 2022

Directed by: Ayan Mukerji

Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, 

Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna 

Akkineni, Mouni Roy

Envisioned with cutting-edge technology and never seen before visual spectacles, Brahmāstra undoubtedly is one of the biggest titles of 2022. Part of a three-part film franchise, Brahmāstra: Part One — Shiva is an epic convergence of ancient India and the modern world and is the beginning of India’s first original universe – the Astraverse. It is a new original cinematic universe, which is inspired by the deeply rooted concepts and tales in Indian mythology but at the same time is set in the modern world. While the makers are tight-lipped about the project, they promise that it is going to be epic storytelling of fantasy, adventure, good vs evil, love and hope; all told using cutting-edge technology and never-seen-before visual spectacles on the Indian screen. Commenting about the film, director Ayan Mukerji said, “It’s a story I have lived for the last 10-years. Brahmāstra is the perfect family big-ticket entertainer, a cinematic experience unlike anything seen in India before; filled with fantasy and adventure, drama and a lot of heart.” Well, going by the trailer, Brahmāstra: Part One — Shiva looks like a visual spectacle that simply can’t be missed.

Vikram Vedha

Release date: September 30, 2022

Directed by: Pushkar-Gayathri

Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Radhika Apte

Vikram Vedha is another star-packed film awaited enthusiastically by cinephiles. Headlined by Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan along with Radhika Apte, Vikram Vedha is a neo-noir action thriller based on the Indian folktale ‘Vikram Aur Betal’. A remake of the 2017’s hit Tamil film of the same name, Vikram Vedha tells the story of a tough police officer — Vikram, who sets out to track down and kill an equally strong gangster — Vedha. Things take a turn when Vedha voluntarily surrenders himself and tells Vikram three stories which change his perceptions of good and evil. The director duo Pushkar-Gayathri, also the makers of the Tamil version of the film, revealed that though the story has not changed much from the original version, the remake is going to be a brand-new film. They said, “In terms of story, we have not tampered too much. Of course, there has been a large part of localisation which has happened with the place we have set it in. Above and beyond that, specifically for us what is on the script is that 50 per cent and the remaining 50 per cent is what the actors bring onto the page. When we have a new set of actors doing this, Vikram Vedha is going to be a brand-new film.” Vikram Vedha is touted to be one of the most thrilling and entertaining films of the year. Now, who would want to miss that?


Release date: October 5, 2022

Directed by: Sarvesh Mewara

Starring: Kangana Ranaut

Amid the action-packed sagas in the coming months also lies the story of pure valour that honours the brave hearts of the armed forces — Tejas. Inspired by the landmark event of 2016, when the Indian Air Force became the country`s first defence force to induct women into combat roles, Tejas is the story of a daring and fierce fighter pilot. Film’s protagonist — Kangana Ranaut, who plays a Sikh soldier in the film, said in a statement, “Tejas is an exhilarating story where I have the privilege of playing an air force pilot. I am honoured to be a part of a film that celebrates these brave men and women in uniform who make immense sacrifices in the line of duty every day. Our film celebrates the armed forces and its heroes.” The movie also promises to take the audience through some of the most challenging combat missions IAF forces undertook in their effort to keep India safe. With all this, Tejas easily goes on top of the must-watch list.




Vaisakhi: A Day of Celebration

Vaisakhi: A Day of Celebration

This traditional spring harvest festival has been celebrated for centuries in Punjab and other parts of Northern India, where farmers thank God for an abundant harvest and pray for another successful one. Vaisakhi is a shared festival for people of many different cultures and religions. Individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and races come together to celebrate Vaisakhi - a day of celebration.

EcoSikhs: Care for Nature, Care for All

EcoSikhs: Care for Nature, Care for All

After EcoSikh's tremendous work, World Sikh Environment Day is now celebrated in eight countries, with the involvement of several Gurdwaras and families participating. Sikh Environment Day aims to sensitize society/students of all ages, social, religious, and academic institutions and organizations.

Celebrating Vaisakhi at Home

Celebrating Vaisakhi at Home

The strikingly exuberant colors, decorations, and symbols come together to create a meaningful sea of celebration infused with tradition, culture and community. Worry not! There are still plenty of ways to bring Vaisakhi to life in the comfort of your homes, or locally within the community.

7 Ways to make your Vaisakhi filled with colour and joy!

7 Ways to make your Vaisakhi filled with colour and joy!

Besides visiting the gurdwara, Vaisakhi is also an amazing time to get together with the entire family and enjoy delicious meals prepared for the entire family. So before all the festivities hit the peak, how about we give the house a little makeover and make sure the house and you are both Vaisakhi-ready? Follow these simple steps you can take to give the house a festive look. 

Welcome One, Welcome All!! A decade of record-breaking immigration for Canada

Welcome One, Welcome All!! A decade of record-breaking immigration for Canada

Canadians will see more than 1.3 million new immigrants over the next three years. In 2021 alone, Canada welcomed more than 405,000 new permanent residents, which translates to be the most immigrants welcomed in a single year in the country’s history.



“How much longer?” The case of delays in BC’s healthcare system

“How much longer?”  The case of delays in BC’s healthcare system

While the pandemic has taken the major focus of the healthcare arena and has been using most of its resources, the system was already running beyond 100% pre-pandemic. While normal businesses may have responded to pandemic-related challenges by simply hiring more staff, the health care system was already maxed out and could not respond by just adding more resources than it could safely handle.