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Empowering Change: The Impactful Journey of CARE India in 70 Years

Mrinalini Sundar Darpan, 03 Oct, 2023
  • Empowering Change: The Impactful Journey of CARE India in 70 Years

CARE India is a shining beacon of hope and transformation in the vast tapestry of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) striving to make a positive difference. Established with a commitment to alleviate poverty and injustice, CARE India has become synonymous with impactful change, channelling its efforts to create a more equitable society. Rooted in its values, the organization's tireless dedication and innovative approach have substantially impacted the country.

CARE India, an affiliate of the global CARE network, is a leading humanitarian and development organization operational in India for over 70 years. The organization envisions a world where everyone can exercise their rights and live a life of dignity. Its holistic approach addresses the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice, focusing on sustainable solutions that empower communities

Values that Drive Impact


At the core of CARE India's journey lies a set of values that guide its actions and shape its impact - it starts with transformation. CARE India believes in creating lasting change by addressing the root causes of poverty, injustice, and inequality. The organization upholds the highest ethical standards in its work, celebrates diversity, and values excellence and equality.


70 Years of Impact

Throughout its 70-year journey, CARE India has achieved significant milestones. The organization has played a pivotal role in empowering women, enabling them to break barriers, access education, and participate in decision-making processes. Another important area of progress is disaster Response: CARE India's swift and effective disaster response efforts have relieved millions during crises, helping communities recover and rebuild. Their focus on healthcare and education has helped improve access to quality healthcare and education, particularly in underserved areas. 

Innovative Approaches

CARE India's impactful work spans a diverse spectrum, driven by a holistic approach that addresses multifaceted challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Their commitment to gender equality is evident through initiatives such as "Sajha," where women who suffer violence from their partner or family get support by improving the health facilities' response to such cases. According to the founder, Mathew Cherian, "CARE India's efforts in the health care sector to improve access to quality medical services, to promote maternal and child health, and to prevent the spread of diseases has been splendid." Education is another critical focus, with initiatives like the "Girl Education Program" aiming to increase girls' enrollment and retention in schools. According to their website, "CARE India's livelihood programs equip individuals with valuable skills to secure a sustainable income and contribute to their community's growth." Notably, during times of crisis, the organization's disaster relief initiatives provide immediate relief and long-term recovery solutions, helping communities rebuild and become more resilient. 

Partnering for Impact


CARE India's journey has been made possible through partnerships with individuals, corporations, and other organizations. Individuals can directly contribute to initiatives that uplift communities and improve healthcare, education, and overall well-being. To enhance corporate engagement, companies can align their business goals with meaningful social impact through corporate social responsibility initiatives, creating a positive and lasting legacy.

Inspiring Change for the Future

As CARE India looks to the future, its journey continues with renewed determination and a commitment to driving sustainable change. The organization remains a vocal advocate for policy changes that address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and social injustice. It also seeks to harness the power of technology to improve the reach and impact of its initiatives. 

As CARE India continues to pave the way for a brighter future, it welcomes all who share its commitment to making a lasting and positive impact on India's most vulnerable populations.



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