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What your next Goan vacation can hold for you!

Mrinalini Sundar Darpan, 30 Mar, 2023
  • What your next Goan vacation can hold for you!

There is a reason why Goa is called the Ibiza of India. The city that blends Portuguese and Indian cultures is known for various reasons. From the white-sand beaches, the eerie yet majestic forts, dilapidated and gorgeous churches, or a trip to Divar Islands, or if you just want to explore the Latin quarters of Panjim, or devour the freshly bakes Goan goodies, also known as Goan poders, there is quite a lot of things that one can do in Goa when on holiday. While some of the things we mentioned are well-known, in this article, I write about some of the things I explored in my recent trip to Goa. It was a six-day holiday with my partner and was filled with things one would not expect in a place like Goa. What are we talking about when we say unusual, unique, etc. Here is a quick list that you can try and fit in a while making a travel plan to Goa:

1.Visit the world's first Feni cellar in Goa:

According to an article in LBB, Cazulo Premium Feni offers a unique experience where you can enter the world of Feni. What do you get to do here? Visit a cashew orchard, walk through the traditional distillery, enjoy a tasting session and finally end with an al-fresco meal under the sun/or stars (in the middle of a spice plantation). Learn everything from how Feni is stored, distilled and finally, enjoyed. Visitors can try three types of Feni - which include cashew, coconut and dukhshir. You must have done wine cellars or whisky, but Feni will be different and worth a try. PC: Cazulo Premium Feni

2. A drum circle and a flea market by the beach:

Let us start with what is a drum circle. A website states that a group formed a circle at the shore of Arambol called the drum circle. They play several musical instruments - with some unique or regular sounds. Some are super unknown or unseen; some are regular and beautiful! People are often just very relaxed, are dancing, swaying to the music, having a lot of sparkly lights, showcasing stunts, or just meditating. While all of this is going on, stroll the beach while window shopping from the flea market. From the Russian vanilla cake to homemade soaps and just beautifully designed jewellery, you will find beautiful souvenirs and gifts.

3. Rope bondage workshop:

Not the perfect activity for families, but this one is a special session - perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their anxiety. Heard about Shibari? If you are the kind who is ready to explore out of their comfort zone, Shibari is a sensual bondage with Japanese art known as Shibari. When you sign up for a workshop, you will be introduced to the basics of Japanese rope bondage, BDSM knots, and other resources. People usually use jute or hemp rope, so it is not very hard and is a fun way to learn about this art form.

4. Mud bathing experience: 

Reconnect with Mother Nature and just with your inner self, and head to Ribandar Ferry Point in Goa. The next four hours will possibly change your life. What happens at this farm? According to their website, here's an opportunity to "connect with nature in the muddiest way possible." You will get the ultimate chance to indulge in a clay bathing experience in the middle of a lake! They say mud bathing was earlier used by the Romans for its therapeutic properties and to bond over lively conversations and have fun. The tour would cover the most scenic routes of the island, away from civilization and provide a once-in-a-lifetime soothing experience! We take the ferry to the island to discover one of nature's finest bounties and jump into the lake for an engaging clay bathing experience, followed by some comforting home-cooked local snacks & tea at a local house."

5. Sound healing course:

Sound healing course is precisely what it sounds like! The primary purpose of a sound healing course is to enhance your self-awareness, learn to tune and vibrate your body-mind using sound and explore many fascinating aspects of sound and consciousness. Organized by Aithein on Agonda Beach, this course comes with various benefits. Some of them being - Relaxing Vibrations Therapy, Mind Detoxification Therapy, Reflex Zones Therapy, Energy Body Restoration Therapy, Group Healing Session, Supporting people with Common Ailments, and Self-Healing Sound Therapy.

Try and fit a few of these unique activities into your next vacation to Goa, and you will have done some amazing activities that you would have never thought of!


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