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A Portrait of Love by Natasha Dalal

Darpan News Desk, 27 Jan, 2020

    “To me being fashionable is less about trends and more about being comfortable in your own skin and the clothes are like the tools to help you do that,” says designer Natasha Dalal.

    How do you define fashion in your own words?
    Fashion is a perfect way to express your own individuality and a way to be creative everyday with your clothing choices. To me being fashionable is less about trends and more about being comfortable in your own skin and the clothes are like the tools to help you do that!

    What is the inspiration behind your new couture collection?
    I was inspired by a recent scuba diving instance and the wonderful world under the sea. The colours, shapes and designs of coral reefs and tropical fish have inspired the intricate embroideries and colours used in this collection.

    What has been your most memorable moment or collection till date?
    My current collection is my favourite! This is mostly because I truly feel the design aesthetic keeps evolving as I keep designing. The most memorable moments in my career until now is every time a client sends a photo or text after wearing my design at their wedding. I can’t begin to explain the overwhelming feeling, to know that someone has chosen my design to wear on their most special day.

    What is the fashion forecast for 2020?
    Fringe, flare pants and soft suiting! Bold colours and matching dark and light shades of colour to create an outfit, are just a few trends that I feel will be big in 2020. I hope to include some of these in a classic way to my designs in the next collection.

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