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Immigrant Stories

Meet the Dadwal Family

By Petrina D’Souza, 18 May, 2018

    Praval Dadwal is an investment advisor with First West Credit Union

    Ruchi Dadwal is a teacher with an educational childcare
    Ana is 14 and Addy is nine years old
    In 2015, Praval and Ruchi Dadwal, migrated with their children Ana and Addy to Canada. The country’s natural surroundings and clean environment, better quality of life, and great educational opportunities for children encouraged their move from India.
    Having no relatives in North America, two family friends helped and supported the Dadwals during the transition. “They found us a basement suite to rent and helped us buy everything necessary to start a fresh life – from car to furniture to groceries,” recalls Praval, who purchased a used car within the first week of landing. “Our driver’s licence from India served as an international license for 90 days so we could explore new places around and had plenty of time to obtain our BC’s Driver’s Licence,” he adds.
    Settling into the new country and getting accustomed to the weather and people was easy for the family, the challenging part was finding well-paying jobs in the areas of their expertise. Soon after the move, Praval started working for a commission-based job. But it didn’t align with his long-term career goals as he had served as a senior officer in the financial industry in India; he wanted to build upon his past work experience and work for the banking or financial industry in Canada. He kept applying for jobs and soon got a part-time, entry-level job with First West Credit Union. “Within the next year, due to his hard work, commitment and outstanding performance, he was promoted to a next level position in the official hierarchy,” shares Ruchi.
    Ruchi, who previously taught middle school students in an international school of New Delhi, got a job in the banking industry within the first month of landing. However, since she had been an educator for five years in India, she decided to do what she is passionate about. “She wanted to pursue her career as an educator but her qualifications did not transfer over from India. She worked full-time for over a year with an educational childcare as a teacher and simultaneously enrolled herself into a program with the Surrey School District,” shares Praval of Ruchi, who would soon be working with a School District supporting elementary and secondary school students. 
    What the couple likes most about Canada is that nature here displays incredible diversity in all her glory. “Within a 45 minutes drive, we can climb a mountain, dig our feet in the sand or soak them in a water body. There are roaring canyons, silent creeks and lush green parks all around. We can enjoy the cold white powder as much as we can enjoy the warm blissful sunshine,” express Praval and Ruchi who love travelling and exploring new places and have visited numerous tourist spots in BC. “There are so many more within Canada on our bucket-list. Proximity to the States is also an advantage,” Ruchi adds.
    The family’s positivity is their biggest strength. “We are enjoying life, have a roof of our own over our heads, and most importantly, our kids are super happy. On days when the “Sun” shines on a Sunday, we are ready to explore a new place. For us, this sums up the definition of happiness, and we are living it,” says Ruchi in conclusion. 

    Biggest obstacle faced so far in Canada:

    Finding a full time, well-paying job in the area of our interest and expertise. Fortunately, we bought our own new abode before the real estate market prices started shooting up. However, it is really hard for a new immigrant to afford a roof of their own in this hot property market.

    Resolutions made for yourself or family:

    To keep striving towards our life goals. All we want is a good career, sound health, quality family time, and loyal, loving friends.  

    Advice for immigrants:

    When you decide to move to Canada, plan your financials for the intermittent time when you might not have a source of income or a stable job. Have an open mind and be willing to adapt to the good things of the new culture. Be loving and supportive to everyone around – you will get, what you give! Keep in touch with your family and friends back home. Meet new people, work on your communication skills, upgrade your qualifications, do what you love, and make new friends. 

    Memories of your homeland:

    We miss celebrating the Indian festivals with family. We have lived a majority of our life years in India, we miss the place, and its people.

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