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The Wearable Technology

By Shweta Kulkarni, 13 Mar, 2019

    ‘Wearable Technology’ is the next big thing to watch out for.



    Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives and now it is also transforming our dear old friend – fashion. While new trends and innovations have always been leading the fashion industry forward, the interesting melange of smart tech with creative fashion has added a whole new dimension to the industry, making ‘Wearable Technology’ the next big thing to watch out for.

    Tech ventured into the world of fashion with the advent of smartwatches (courtesy Samsung) and ever since then, the lines between mode and technology have started blurring. Today, technology has become an essential part of our everyday attire and with every passing day, wearable tech is becoming sassier and more fashionable. So, are you up-to-date with this futuristic fashion trend?

    If not, here’s how you can make wearable technology a part of your everyday life.

    Smart Eye wear

    None can refute the fact that a cool pair of shades is often enough to make an impeccable style statement whenever you step out. But well, it’s about time you bid adieu to your standard sunglasses and instead grab a pair of smart sunnies, which are engineered using the bone conduction technology. Yeah, the term might sound scary but this technology is sure to change the way you see the world, oops, hear the world. The principle of this new technology is that it transmits sounds to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. With these revolutionary sunglasses you can attend phone calls, listen to music, speak to Siri and, of course, make a stunning style statement as well. There are plenty of brands and styles available in the market, even Bose has introduced their range of smart sunglasses for both men and women. So, go ahead and reinvent your style-tech quotient with a pair of bone conduction sunglasses.

    Smart Jewellery

    Tech has taken over our precious jewels too, revamping them from being just a few decorative pieces to smart gadgets that not only enhance our ensemble but do a lot more than one can imagine. Right from smart rings that track your heart rate, sleep pattern and calories burned to smart pendants that help you stay connected with your loved ones irrespective of the distance, to bracelets that monitor your fertility, to contactless payment rings… There is a range of pretty baubles in the market, which are completely driven by technology and at the same time irresistibly chic.

    Smart Clothing

    The world of wearable-tech is not just restricted to smartwatches, eyewear and jewellery, smart clothing is also something to watch out for. While the smart clothing trend is yet to go completely mainstream some of the tech-charged garments are already making our jaws drop. From biometric shirts to contactless payment jackets, to water-repellent jackets – wearable technology is definitely setting new industry standards with smart clothing.

    Beat this, a Sydney-based start-up Wearable X’s Nadi X pants has introduced fitness pants that come with built-in haptic vibrations that gently pulse at the hips, knees and ankles to encourage you to move and/or hold positions. Tech geeks would have definitely heard of Google’s project jacquard – a smart jacket that enables you to change music tracks, block and answer calls or access navigation information. Then there are smart socks, smart bras and smart tees., which clearly suggests that fashion is about to see a revamp like never before.

    Smart Shoes

    The latest in the wearable tech phenomena are smart footwear. Integrated with hi-tech features smart shoes track your steps, record biometric data, allow you to review information from apps, help you in your training and overall act as activity trackers. Popular sportswear brand Nike offers Nike+ shoes that track basic stats like distance and speed. Armour’s UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped Footwear take marvels of smart footwear to another high. The shoes are fitted with a chip that tracks stats like distance, pace and stride length. It can also detect when the wearer is running or otherwise moving, and can automatically enter a sleep mode when they are taken off from the feet. Now that’s cool, isn’t it? Well, there are several other brands in the market that offer unique features and will help you be tech savvy and stride in style. It is just the beginning and the innovations of wearable technology are soon going to change the way we look at fashion, so gear up for a tech-fashion revolution.

    Photos : iStock, Nike+, Bose, Bellabeat Leaf Chakra, Tovi Sorga contactless bracelet, Google/Levis' Jacquard, Images for representation only


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