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Transitioning to university 

By Jasleen Bahia, 16 Jun, 2020
  • Transitioning to university 

Here are some top tips for easing the transition to university 

My name is Jasleen Bahia and I am currently in my first year of Management and Organizational studies at Western University! Transitioning to university is unlike any other experience in life. There really isn’t any way to prepare for it besides just going into it headfirst with an open mind, inquisitive nature, and a willingness to extend beyond your comfort zone. Over the past semester, I gained some knowledge I wish I knew before coming to university. Here are some of my top tips for easing the transition to university!


Get acquainted with the resources on campus

There are countless help centres, free tutoring services, personal counselling, and wellness resources students have access to. Take advantage of these services available to you! If you can’t find them, ask a professor or navigate through your school’s website to find contact information for them!

A low mark isn’t the end of the world

It’s almost inevitable that your marks will drop so prepare yourself to get lower marks than you got in high school. Set feasible goals and don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t achieve what you wanted. That one mark is not going to impact your life in the grand scheme of things. With that said, everyone doesn’t have to fail everything so adjust your study habits and put in the necessary amount of time to achieve your academic goals.

Meet Your Professor

University is all about taking initiative if you want to succeed and going to see your professor during designated office hours is an easy way to do this! Introduce yourself at the beginning of the year, get their feedback for assignments, and ask for clarification if you don’t understand something. Professors aren’t as intimidating as you think, they are waiting to help you!

Find what works for you

The pace in university is a lot faster than in high school so you’ll have to learn to adjust to it. A lot of independent work is necessary. Maybe you were able to get away with studying for an exam the night before in high school and get a 90%. That is so difficult to do in university, there’s just too many courses and too much content for each course. Figure out when you are able to study most effectively: night or morning? In silence or louder environment? Library or bedroom? Everyone works differently so try not to compare yourself with others.

Create a budget

A lot of unexpected costs are going to come up. Be conscientious about how you use your money. Make a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year outlining your monthly income and expenses. Buy textbooks second hand, limit how many coffees you buy, and pack your own snacks.

Stay organized

As soon as your semester starts, go through the syllabus for each course you’re taking and write the dates of all of your exams and assignments on a monthly calendar. This way, you’ll be able to allocate time to study accordingly.

Get involved!

Focussing solely on academics will get really boring really fast. There’s so many clubs and teams available to get involved with. It’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Don’t forget to eat & sleep

Take care of yourself and your health by not skipping out on meals!! Get enough sleep too!

Enjoy every moment! Just HAVE FUN! You only get this moment once so make the most of it.




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