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The Ideal Kitchen

By Shweta Kulkarni, 26 Nov, 2018

    Key trends you should know before you remodel your kitchen

    With most contemporary modern homes specially designed to accommodate a dining area and with the studio kitchen being the most sought-after interior trend, a KITCHEN today is no longer a space that is tucked away in some corner of the house where one only cooks meals and cleans dirty dishes. Today, a kitchen is the heart of the house, which brings every member of the family together. 
    Over the years, kitchens have gained an identity of their own, adding considerably to the interior design and aesthetic appeal of homes. Hence, it is all the more important to always look into the minute details of this focal point of your house that essentially caters to the joy of chilling with family and friends. So, whether you are planning to re-do your kitchen completely now or in the future, we have put together a few latest trends that will inspire you to create your dream kitchen. 

    Colour Themes

    The use of colour in your kitchen speaks volumes about the vibes you want to create in this space. As kitchens are becoming more livelier, a vibrant colour scheme is dominating the contemporary interior design trends for the kitchen. While the cooking area needs to be light and bright, one can use pops of bright colour with slightly darker shades around the dining area. If playing with bold colours is not really your forte, then stick to the basics. The white and grey combination, especially for kitchen cabinets, is still hot and trending. It not only makes the kitchen look spacious but white cabinets also give a very elegant touch to your kitchen style. 

    Smart Kitchen 

    Technology has taken over our lives and kitchens aren’t spared either. We aren’t talking about just fancy appliances, but technologically-integrated smart gadgets and appliances like refrigerators embedded with touch screens, smart dishwashers, coffee machines that you can command with your smartphones, Bluetooth-powered fryers, and smart plates that watch what you eat. This evolving trend is here to stay. So if you decide to re-do your kitchen, make sure to incorporate ‘tech’ into your planning. And if you don’t intend to but still crave for a tech-savvy kitchenette, then you can include easy add-on like sensors, invest in a variety of smart gadgets and other devices and still enjoy the privileges of a smart kitchen. 

    Open Shelves 

    Gone are the days when you wanted to keep all your jars and kitchen supplies inside the drawers. Open shelving is the in-thing in kitchen trends. You can make quite a statement by having open shelves in your kitchen. Place small accessories, potted plants, succulents, interesting vintage jars or even deluxe food items on these shelves and watch your kitchen come alive with its own personality.

    Trending Lights

    From contemporary to traditional, there is an array of trending lighting fixtures available depending on your style preferences. Pendant lights are still a huge hit in kitchen décor and work splendidly well with either traditional or contemporary styled kitchens. And while industrial lights and multiple pendant lights work pretty well in your kitchen set up, a single large crystal chandelier can add a dramatic impact to the way your kitchen looks. Depending on the style and personality you wish to give to your kitchen, you can pick from the several options available in the market. 

    Personalized Fireclay Tiles

    While the sleek contemporary-styled kitchen is definitely ruling, nothing beats a customized backsplash in ceramic tiles. From simple classic tiles to beautifully designed patterned tiles in bold hues, a tile backsplash is a huge trend in kitchen styles today.

    Bring In The Quartz

    Countertops undoubtedly garner the most attention in your kitchen and are the foundation of your kitchen décor. As much as you would not like to hear it, the fact is that marble and granite have become too passé. Quartz is the in thing. It is the biggest trend in kitchen styles and is here to stay for a while. Quartz countertops are scratch-free and stain-resistant and are easy to maintain. They come in a variety of patterns and designs and easily fit into any style of décor. So welcome the quartz.  

    Effective Storage

    As much as open shelves are trending, the fact is we will need smart storage to reduce counter clutter and hide old cookware. Homeowners can incorporate an effective storage solution into their kitchen plans and invest cabinetry that includes appliance garages, drawer dividers for cutlery, and utensil organizers. Contemporary styled internal drawers and pull-out storage systems are something to take note of to help you maintain a clutter-free kitchen.  


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