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Ritu Beri: Indian Wear with a Modern Flavour

Darpan News Desk, 03 Nov, 2018

    Designer Ritu Beri tried to give khadi a global image, to adopt it to different forms of creativity, instead of restricting it to the image of yesteryears. 

    Ritu Beri’s latest collection celebrates India’s national fabric – khadi. The collection consists of Indo-western silhouettes and reflects Indian but with a modern flavour.
    Beri tried to give khadi a global image, to adopt it to different forms of creativity, instead of restricting it to the image of yesteryears. The silhouettes are a mix of our rich tradition with a contemporary look – the clothes are easy to wear yet glamorous.
    “I am honored to get this opportunity to revive Khadi. It was a fabric I used greatly when I launched my brand 28 years ago. Through my new line I have tried to give Khadi a global image and present its versatility in different ways. The effort is to reach out to the youth of India instead of restricting it to the image of yesteryears,” says Beri.
    The collection is about voluptuous indulgence – essentially an eclectic blend of ghagras, salwars, choga like jackets and interesting easy to wear tops. Interesting details and mix of appliqué as well as unusual embroideries constitutes this versatile collection of khadi for today’s woman. The colour palette ranges from whites to pastels, metallics to blacks enabling the freedom to create one’s own chromatic world of fantasy. 

    How do you define fashion in your own words?

    Fashion is the way someone walks, a painting, nature… it could be physical or spiritual. Aesthetics aside, what inspires me is being conscious and I love seeing the brain break barriers. Fashion enables life beyond the here and now. Fashion is fun! 

    What is the inspiration behind the khadi collection? 

    I’m highly inspired by India’s rich culture and heritage. I loved to introduce khadi to the Indian style and especially to my bridal …. I endeavor to blend the old world charm of traditional embroideries with modern day patterns and shapes to create interesting textures that allure. 
    The hallmark for Ritu Beri is intrinsically feminine – romantic with a flamboyant twist. It is about enchanting a woman’s individuality and persona.

    What is the fashion forecast for 2019? 

    There will be a lot of broad leisure stripes – an extension of colour blocking. The tailoring will specifically be more feminine. We will see lots of Seersucker Stripes – with a return to the old classic. 
    One will see ordinary simplicity whilst reworking traditional fabrics like gingham and deck chair stripes with future abstraction in prints like square and diamond shape, museum-worthy pop prints. 
    Black and white, alone or in combination, with soft shades like petal pink and pastel blue will be popular. Larger than life, oversized graphic photographic prints in noisy colours will also be visible.

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