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Welcome Winter in Style

By Shweta Kulkarni, 22 Nov, 2017
  • Welcome Winter in Style

It’s time to bid adieu to the warm summers and cold shoulder tops and to warmly embrace these winter style trends 

It’s that time of the year when temperatures drop and all you want to do is curl up, drink hot cocoa, and enjoy a good siesta. Yes, it’s winter time!!! 
However, as much as you would want to stay tucked-in, you simply can’t escape the bitter cold and stay indoors throughout the season. You’ll have to step out and when you do, why not do it in style? We bring to you the very best of fashion trends that you must embrace this winter to make some hot style statements. Take a look…

Pretty In Plaid

Plaid is back in the fashion circuit. No more is it only about grunge and rock and roll styles, this versatile print is all about chic and glamorous today. Coats, pants, statement sleeves, many designers have given a brand-new twist to this fashion trend of 70s, making it a winter must-have in your wardrobe.

Fancy Headgears 

This winter, set aside your beanies and instead make heads turn with some fancy hats and caps. Brimmed caps and buckets hats in fabrics like fur and shearling will not only help you keep warm but will also make you look chic and stylish. 

Embrace The Fiery Red  

Nothing can beat the winter blues better than a dash of a bold colour. And red is undoubtedly the colour of the season. Right from runway styles to street fashion, the colour is dominant everywhere and ideal to make a splash during the gray weather. Be it sleek coats, dresses, bags or even statement boots, make sure you stack your wardrobe with some scarlet this winter. 

Statement Sleeves

Dramatic sleeves have been ruling the fashion circuit throughout the year and they are making their presence felt during the winters too. From bell to bishop, attention-grabbing sleeves are the key to making heads turn this season as well. So, whatever you opt for, be it sweaters, coats, jackets, dresses, or tops, make sure the sleeves are adding some drama to your outfit.

The Comforting (Faux) Furs

Winters can never be complete without the comforting warmth of the fur. And by fur, we strictly mean faux fur. Furry winter toppers are a winter fashion staple and this year there are available in a variety of colours and styles. Be it candy floss, with new bold patterns or even vintage-inspired fur coats, these furries are sure to help you make some stunning style statements during the chilly weather. Image: Kensie/ Nordstrom 

Glittering Boots

It is time to shine brightly this winter with the new boot trend. No more do you have to just pull up your boring blank boots and step out. Blingy boots are taking the centre stage and there is no need to play safe or shy away from making a mark this winter with a pair of these shiny super-cool boots. There are plenty of patterns available and they are certainly a must-have this season. Image: Jimmy Choo

Belted Coats

Coats are a must-have during winters to beat the winter chill. And the good news is, there are plenty of styles available in this winter staple now. The popular coat trend that one needs to take note of is – belted coats. Be it trench, fur, leather, nylon, no matter what coat you choose, just ensure to secure it with a wide belt and you are ready to knock out all the winter chill. Image: Via Spiga/Lyst

Quilted Jackets

Quilted jackets and coats are the easiest and cosiest winter trend that one can opt for to make stunning style statements. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. And if you are not the kinds to be afraid of experimenting, you can opt for a little extra volume with added dimensions. Or simply stick to the standard one but make certain that it is cinched at the waist with a stylishly broad belt for a sleeker silhouette.
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