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Manish Sharma: The Sky is the Limit!

24 Sep, 2015

    Successful, driven and passionate are just some words that describe Manish Sharma, the Owner/Director of Square Nine Developments Inc.  

    Emigrating from India in 2002, he started working within the construction industry in 2004.  After just four short years he ventured into his own construction company in 2008, Square Nine Developments Inc. whose dedication towards quality
    and craftsmanship is making its presence known in multi-family housing market. From building wood frame town houses and now into developing concrete high rise, Square Nine is setting up the mark with its core values.

    “Square Nine was formed with the aim of building quality homes at an affordable price. We aim in providing ‘quality’ as it should be without any compromise,” says Burnaby-based Sharma who is customer service-oriented and passionate about good quality work.
    Sharma’s company started off by building single family homes, quickly realizing the lack of custom craftsmanship available. “With the lack of developers willing to provide top quality at affordable prices, we then branched out to multi-family
    units and aimed to prove to customers that a custom-crafted home is affordable,” emphasizes Sharma.

    “We are involved every step of the way when it comes to craftsmanship. We believe that no one should have to compromise on quality when walking through the front door of their home. Your home should feel like ‘your home’ and not just a house,” asserts Sharma, pointing out that right materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail come together to create extraordinary beauty and excellence.

    Square Nine is also involved with the health and safety of its homes. All their homes are backed by five and ten year warranties with the National Home Warranty Program. “Health and safety are always paramount to our success and our safety advisors ensure that our management, both in house and on site, is fully apprised of the ongoing changes to legislation and processes,” Sharma says.



    He and his team are constantly researching new products, construction methodologies and design concepts to provide better quality custom homes. “We work with the best contractors and constantly do research to stay on top of the latest features and products. We also strongly believe in listening to the feedback our clients give us,” shares Sharma.  

    One of the projects the company is working on is ‘Union’ – an 18 storey high rise, based in West Coquitlam, in close proximity to the new Evergreen line and Lougheed Mall. The high rise comprises of 102 intelligently-designed residences comprised of one, two and three bedroom homes. “It truly is a union where residential community meets urban life, minutes from Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster. Union is what you want to be a part of,” adds Sharma, excitedly. In addition to the Union, there are more multi-family projects coming up in the Burnaby-Edmonds area.

    Talking about the projects, Sharma believes that each project has been uniquely distinctive and special in its own way. Each project has been a new learning experience of how far the company can go as a team. “From our single family homes we learned that stretching the boundaries of design and introducing new concepts was eagerly welcome. Our multi-family homes challenged us to provide the same top quality features and concepts without compromising on quality at affordable prices. This shows how dedicated, excited and proud we are of each and every project we have been a part of.”

    Sharma’s passion for his work and people has gone beyond construction to community service and contribution. The company recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the Realtor Golf Tournament. “Community plays a big part in our company. We believe that with a strong community, we build a promising future for our children and the generations to come,” he says.

    Beyond Square Nine, he also owns Burger King outlets, a White Spot restaurant and a soon-to-start new chain by the name of Oakroom Grill, which is opening in Prince George and has a total of over 200 employees. “We are  starting with own name brand of restaurant by winter,” he adds summing up.



     PHOTO:  JC Images

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