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Fun & Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Shweta Kulkarni, 27 Jan, 2021
  • Fun & Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Make your sweetheart feel special this Valentine’s day with these creative and fun date ideas

Valentine’s Day is peeping upon us and whether your special someone has been with you for years or it has just been a while since you started dating, it is a perfect time to make your beloved feel special. While the day of love is usually celebrated by most of us with all the traditional trimmings like — fancy gifts, cards, dancing, roses, chocolates and candle-light dinner dates, this year why not break away from the clichés and rather do somethings differently?

Sounds fun? Are you game for it? If yes, then read on. We have compiled together a list of fun, cliché-free, creative, non-boring and unique romantic Valentine’s day date ideas that will not only bring a sweet smile on your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend’s face but will also be a memorable date.

Go Camping

A romantic outdoor activity to enjoy with your loved one and uniquely celebrate V-day is to go camping. Find a nice spot in a location from where the stars are visible, set up your tent and welcome Valentine’s Day by gazing at the stars.


If adventure is yours and your significant other’s calling then planning a snowshoeing trip this V-day is a great way to break away from the routine and have a gala time together. Trek up in the snow holding hands, take in the mesmerizing views from up above and simply enjoy each other’s company in the midst of nature. If this idea appeals to you, do plan in advance and book a trip with a professional adventure club.

Attend A Workshop Together

Be it a pottery workshop, painting class or a cooking class — there is nothing more romantic than doing an activity together. So, go get your hands dirty together in a pottery workshop or bond over some pots and pan and cook up a delicious dish or simply get playful with paints. If due to pandemic there aren’t workshops happening around your area, look for an online workshop that you and your beloved can attend together. If nothing else, make a scrapbook of your relationship with photos, important dates and memories, old tickets etc. Trust us, the experience is going to be worth it.

Plan A Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Planning a romantic scavenger hunt is not only fun but also a unique experience that will make your S.O feel extremely special. The Internet has plenty of ideas to help you plan an exciting hunt. If you want to shower him/her with gifts this Valentine’s Day, you can add them to the hunt to make it all the more exciting.


Book A Home Spa

Want to avoid the rush, traffic and crowd outside and yet do something special for your sweetheart? Well, you can transform your home in a spa and enjoy some quiet and relaxing time with your sweetheart indoors. There are plenty of online services that can help you arrange for a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your home. You can go ahead and make the day even more special by cooking a meal for your S.O.

Plan An Indoor Picnic

Too cold to step outside or broke to take your V-date for a fancy dinner? Well, don’t let the winter chill or budget issues ruin your romantic date plan. Push aside your furniture to a corner of the room, spread a picnic blanket, decorate the space with some soft lights, throw in some cosy pillows, cook a meal or order your beloved’s fav food and voila, you are all set to have a nice romantic picnic date.

Go Down The Memory Lane

There is nothing better to make your heart flutter than a sweet, loving memory. This V-day why not go down the memory lane and recreate a moment that you both shared and loved? Be it that blissful day you met or your first date or your favourite date or the day you fell in love — recreate and revisit that memory with your loved ones and see how it warms your heart and makes you fall head over heels in love with each other again. Even if you can’t step out or go to that place anymore, get creative and at least recreate a few memorable moments from that day at home.

Tour Your Fav Places

Instead of planning to go to just one of your favourite places, spend the whole day with each other and hop by at all your favourite spots and relive some beautiful memories. Let your partner pick up some of your fav places and you pick some of theirs, and then surprise each other with the locations. It is a splendid way to spend your V-day, relive your fav memories and even make new memories.


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