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Stay Stylish in Spring:A Covid Survival guide

By Joseph A. Federico, 24 Mar, 2021
  • Stay Stylish in Spring:A Covid Survival guide

Remember the old saying, “Dress to impress”? As we enter spring of 2021, it’s time to dust off those words and impress the heck out of ourselves.

We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, that’s for sure. Almost a year later, we’ve adjusted to evolved ways of life that include changing the way we interact with each other (or lack thereof), how we travel and most importantly, how we dress.

Countless studies have shown that fashion improves human mood and at this rate, it’s all about mind over matter. Remember the old saying, “Dress to impress”?

As we enter spring of 2021, it’s time to dust off those words and impress the heck out of ourselves...even if we’re still working from home offices and our days consist of cat walking from desk to fridge and back again. In the world of digital marketing, we’re starting to have deeper conversations about nostalgia and implementing it into every facet of our lives, beyond Facebook and Instagram. We want to be able to mentally travel back to a place and time when we felt safe and sexy. So, think 1980s and ‘90s-to-early 2000s.

How did you feel back then? Who were you dating? And most importantly, which items in your closet made you feel invincible?

Let’s dig into what you’ll be wearing that will make your heart sing again. Turn up that boombox, because here go...

Adidas: Temperatures are rising but you’ll want to keep your cool indoors. Invest in an Adidas track jacket. How about the Latex Track Jacket in nude, made for all genders? This piece can easily be paired with gray sweatpants or leggings. If you’re toying with something a little less formal, invest in the Essential 3-Stripes Tricot Track Top.

Gucci: Into comfort but still want to show off on Zoom? Iron your favorite sports jersey, pair it with high-end track pants then wrap the outfit up in some crazy-colored heels. Bold lettering will be all the rage this spring. Why? We want to be seen and heard and prove that we’re alive. According to L’Officiel, the well-known fashion brand will knock high-fashion sportswear out of the ballpark.

Jason Wu: If you’re truly into dressing to impress, it has to be Wu all the way. I recommended adding the following pieces to your collection: Jason Wu’s Mixed Rib Sweater, the Striped Knit Dress and the Tuck Sleeve Dress.

Versace: This brand has always been at the top of their game. Rumor has it that the company will make tracksuits readily available. You’ll be popping with bursts of color from head to toe – from hot greens to hot oranges.

House of Hayla: We can’t ignore accessories, right? So, how do you feel about sandals? The HOH Strappy Mono sandal comes in an array of colors, from classic black to silver and rose gold. You also can’t deny the fact that this brand’s heels are too fabulous for words. Pick up a pair of burgundy HOH Kitten Mono Heels; they’re reminiscent of a 1980s pump.

RVNG Couture: Recently featured at NYFW, this haute brand brought fun back to fashion. Jordan Stewart, designer, stated that we have to come out of the Covid stupor one way or another, even if that means hosting an intimate tea party. If you’re so bold enough as to ditch the sweats, invest in some timeless RVNG pieces such as the Floral Suit Blazer, the Eloise Blazer Dress and Noelle Silk Suit Set. All RVNG looks nod to simpler times, going back to the early-80s.

MITA: It wasn’t exceptionally trendy back then, but the future of fashion lies within sustainable products. MITA meets every modern requirement imaginable. Protect your eyes and your planet by investing in a pair of Nile, Lincoln and Brickell sunglasses. And yes, you may break fashion rules while under quarantine; you’re allowed to wear sunglasses indoors.

And with that, fashionistas, know that no matter which high-end route you choose, always move forward with what feels right and proceed in purchasing with confidence.

Keep a keen eye out for pastel colors, too, especially in crop tops and within the realm of accessories. Pop art will also be a trend that, in my opinion, will never go out of style; think of the late-Keith Haring and his simplistic prints that you’ll find on screen-printed t-shirts.
What will you be wearing to the fashion show of life? Stay beautiful and bold and always authentically you.


Joseph A. Federico has been writing for over 15 years, namely about the world of fashion. Ever since he was 5 years-old, he’s been immersed in fashion happenings and fashion shows, thanks in part to his mother, Denise, who worked in the New York garment district for over 30 years. Joseph is also the CEO of Anchors To Dusk Publishing and Media, assisting an array of high-end clientele with organic social media and digital marketing needs.


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