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Inspirational Youth of Today

By Petrina D’Souza, 30 Jan, 2019

    The passion and commitment they exhibit towards their professional goals, community, social causes, and personal activities deserve recognition and applause. 



    To start the new year on a positive note, we decided to put the spotlight on seven inspiring individuals we believe are future leaders and newsmakers of the South Asian community. The featured seven are excelling remarkably in their respective fields and are effective role models for the young generation of our community. The passion and commitment they exhibit towards their professional goals, community, social causes, and personal activities deserve recognition and applause.

    DARPAN aims to encourage not only these seven local youngsters in their future endeavours but also all youth in our community so that they pave a successful path for their future and make themselves and the community proud. The future of the South Asian community is bright and positive and its credit goes to impressive young adults who believe in positive growth, community upliftment, and creation of a better world for everyone to live in.

    Here’s presenting the seven young wonders of the South Asian community:

    Click on the images below to read their inspiring stories! 

    Abhayjeet Sachal

    Aishwarya Roshan

    Eric Basran

    Jasneet Nijjar

    Naitik Mehta 

    Rochelle Prasad

    Sukhmeet Sachal


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