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Wedding Story: Anjan & Aman

Darpan News Desk Darpan, 03 Feb, 2023
  • Wedding Story: Anjan & Aman

Q1: Where did you meet?

A: We first met in 2013 in an underground SkyTrain station in Vancouver. It certainly wasn't love at first sight, but we got there by the 250th! 

Q2: What do you love most about one another?

A:  Anjan: his lame yet delightful sense of humour!

Aman: her caring nature and the fact that she willingly agreed to marry me!

Q3: Tell us about your engagement?


A: Our engagement survived COVID scares left and right, but it was pretty uneventful (thank god!) in the center. Aman's parents visited from India and had to survive random COVID tests and subsequent quarantine. Five days after our engagement, the city announced restrictions on indoor gatherings. All things considered, the engagement party was a lot of fun. We had friends and family visiting from across North America, making it extra special.

Q4 : Tell us about your wedding?

A: Our wedding was exactly how we had dreamt about it. We wanted our events to be outdoor. Gurugao/Delhi farmhouses were the place to host. The weather was in our favor throughout the whole week as well. Anjan: Our events started in Vancouver in December 2021, our engagement party. In September 2022, we hosted my bridal shower at Delta golf course. The remaining five events were hosted in India.

Q5: What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

Anjan: My favorite moment was when I walked into the Anand Karaj hall, saw a smile on his face, and celebrated with our family and friends who traveled from all over the world just for us. 

Q6: Can you describe your outfits?

A: Before leaving for India in April 2022, I would sit with my parents to shortlist outfits based on what we saw on social media. While in India, I would wake up my parents in Vancouver, my brother in California, and my sister in Dubai so they could all be a part of every detail.   

For our Welcome event, I wanted a fun and bold outfit to start the wedding festivities, so I went with Gazal Gupta, whose collection was perfect for it. For the Cocktail, I wanted to wear a princess gown with crystals embroidery. I had been eyeing Dolly J's gowns for a while now, and it was breathtaking. They not only delivered in 5 weeks, but the outfit was also better than I had pictured.

For the Mendhi event, brides usually opt for traditional looks; however, we had pictured a fun and colourful function rather than a traditional one. Monika Nidhi's new collection was not only perfect but exactly what I thought I had pictured myself wearing.

The wedding day was my favourite because it was the first one I tried on and fell in love with. Wearing a Rimple Harpreet Narula's lengha is every girl's dream come true and my parents made mine come true. I fell in love with my wedding set when I saw it while my sister did her wedding jewelry shopping over five years ago. Khanna Jewellers in Ludhiana helped design the accent pieces for my remaining jewelry.  

We wanted to end our wedding festivities with a glam bam. So for the Reception, I opted for Seema Gujral, as her collection has over-the-top glam, which was exactly what I had pictured before.

Q7: Tell us about your Reception?

Our Reception was very different than what you would see in North America. It was a seated event with no DJ, only an army band in the Lawn area and Violin in the dining hall playing throughout the night. The decor was a surprise for Aman and me, and our jaws dropped when we walked into the venue. It was elegant and covered in fresh white flowers. 

Q8: Where did you honeymoon?

A: Taking over a month off for our wedding in India, we have pushed a honeymoon to next year. We did go on "mini getaways" in Goa and Cancun, but we plan on honeymooning in the summer of 2023 in Scandinavia. 

Q9: What are your favorite quotes?


1. The wife is always right

2. If you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read rule #1 again.

Q10: What are your goals as a couple?

A: To be accepting of each other's flaws and 

Pay attention. Support your partner and push them to achieve their dreams.

Q11: What have been some of the biggest challenges you have overcome as a couple?

A: The biggest challenge would certainly be our time away from each other, as we were in a long-distance relationship (Vancouver and Toronto) for about two years. COVID certainly didn't help. Managing different time zones, varying work schedules, and travel restrictions made it complicated, but it enabled us to come out as a stronger couple. It taught us resilience and patience, which are key to a long and healthy married life. In the end, all's well that ends well!

Q12: How long did you know each other before you got married?

A: We had been friends for seven years before we started dating and got married two years later. 

Q16: If you could provide any advice to other married couples, what would it be?

Never go to bed angry and sort out any issues that arise head-on instead of holding on to them. Prioritize each other above everything else. Remember, you are a team now, and stand by each other. 


Wedding Story: Jaskeerat & Naman

Wedding Story: Jaskeerat & Naman

Our wedding day was the most special day of our lives. We had our Anand Karaj at the sea-facing Gazebo at the Moon Palace, decorated with beautiful flowers and blush tones. The sea glistened as the sun shone brightly upon us, as though it was blessing us on our special day. My favourite part was when I caught a glimpse of Jaskeerat in her royal chariot. 

Wedding Story: Amitoj & Gurleen

Wedding Story: Amitoj & Gurleen

Our wedding took place at Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar in New Westminster. My favourite moment was the Anand Karaj ceremony itself. As I folded my hands in prayer and sat in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib, I was grateful to have shared in the warmth and love of Waheguruji's eternal embrace with all those present.

Wedding Story: Ivneet & Gurleen

Wedding Story: Ivneet & Gurleen

What’s between you and your partner, only you two know the best. Therefore, instead of any advice, we want to wish everyone the best of health, happiness, and prosperity and we hope everyone gets a chance to celebrate love and cherish it in their lives.

Wedding Story: Kerry and Michael

Wedding Story: Kerry and Michael

We have a foundation that was built long before we were in a relationship. We were each other’s best friends growing up. It’s not too often you fall in love with your best friend of 20+ years and get married.

Wedding Story: Gurleen & Ankit

Wedding Story: Gurleen & Ankit

Pay attention to the little things! Small gestures carry a lot of weight, and for couples who have mutual respect, those small gestures are second nature. 

Wedding Story: Shameeta & Danny

Wedding Story: Shameeta & Danny

Shameeta: The morning of the wedding day was stressful for me but when I walked down the aisle in the temple and saw Danny, it all went away.